Monday, March 16, 2009

Random topics before Spring

Brandon Steen sent me this image but I haven't seen the actual magazine. I have a subscription but I think it may have ended this month. Thanks Juxtapoz!

I have been out of touch and away from the web lately, and haven't really posted anything substantial in here for a while. It has been nuts, or I don't know, maybe it's always a little nuts in the Soto household.

We have our second baby due in a week (yikes!!) so we're preparing for that and I have a show in London I am feverishly working on. Then there's some crazy shit (no pun intended) that has happened, like our toilet deciding to one day overflow into our shower. Fun. And our laptop and iMac decided to die on us so we're somewhat offline at the Soto house. Here's what's been happening...

Taco Bell burnt my burrito.... and damn, I still ate it.

UFO clouds hovering over the I.E.

I sometimes take Shannon's Legos and make weird shit.

Kelsey Brooks, Clayton Brothers, and I at the 15 Anniversary New Image Art Show in January.

Finally met the Date Farmers... awesome dudes!

Marsea and I backstage.

The best art I've seen in a while- Taylor McKimmens wall painting in the NIA bathroom. Genius.

My kidlet is growing up which is both awesome and sad at the same time...

Chris Uphues sent us some goods in the mail, which were quickly put up by Shannon!

This mural in L.A. always makes me laugh. Isn't he the meanest looking cop ever?

Uncle Ralph is awesome.

Lots of visitors to my RAM show before it went down.. thanks guys, good food, good friends...

Barbie celebrating 60 years at Tio's Tacos.

Took an art trip to L.A. with my pal Lee. Saw the Megan Whitmarsh show at NIA. Her work is amazing, and knowing that she has two year old twins, makes it all the better somehow. The Fucking Crap of Life.

Neck and Lister got upon the bricks.

An old graffiti yard off Soto street we were checking out.

I'm sorry but this guy is fucking gross!

Kofie Obama art.

Saw the KAWS show and ran into Edwin Ushiro.

D*Face wuz here..

Checked out the Sao Paulo show at Scion Installation. Pretty cool, nice work..

Spent last week taking my show down. This is the mess it leaves.

My friend Hung thought he had a rock in his shoe all morning, upon checking he'd been walking on a lizard. Not sure if the poor guy made it, but it actually looked way more alive than this ten minutes later (eyes open, moved a little...)

Jeremy Asher Lynch came out to film me some more. I took him around Arlanza to get some footage.

Helped Lee take some pictures of his work. Very cool stuff.

Hot pink killzzz

Now just waiting for the baby and painting in the garage for my next show. I am slowly becoming addicted to television.

Show info:

Jeff Soto
"The Inland Empire"

Stolenspace, London
May 14th- June 7th, 2009

I will put more info up soon..

More info soon!


Anonymous said...

You know I love ya man, but the the burnt burrito is karmic justice for buying Taco Bell. C'mon man, you know better :)


shaunna said...

I can't believe it's baby-time! We'll talk to you soon!

Anna said...


Anonymous said...

hey jeff, congrats on the soon to be new born. love ur choice of the grilled stuff.

new paintings look nice. throw in a robot for me :)

i finished my sleeve, i'll send u the pics as soon as i upload them. been busy working two jobs and having no life :(

ur friend from florida josh

mike said...

Awesome!! Dude you doin a show in London called, INLAND EMPIRE???
So dope!!

Ivan's blog said...

good post Jeff. I know this is kinda weird, but I think I see some images on the burnt taco bell burrito. I really think I see a face of Obama to the right.Sorta like the miracoulus appearances of the virgin mary in mexico. Thats cool that your show in london is named after the I.E. That paint demo you did at ram was inspiring, it was great to finally see you work. I have some pictures and videos from that day. I took some crappy photos, and some were alright. If you would like some of those pictures email me at


Jannell Says said...

A highly satisfying post. Cute kid. And lizard.

Lucas Aguirre. said...

hey i like that brick shit thing is nice.
and that art done with tshirts made me thought.. what is this... ? i like it

beau b said...

looking forward to seeing the next show! thanks for hosting us in the IE

Em said... a New Yorker living in London I'll definitely be there at Stolen Spaces! (If they let me in!)

Anonymous said...

Just picked up the latest ish of Jux, and enjoyed reading your interview.

I've followed your work since your "robot" days, and while I personally do miss your Robotech figures with their paintrollers, I am a huge fan.

As with all your posts and interviews… your sincerity, humility, and passion show through. You mentioning your daughter and how your family is integral to your craft is endearing… and what so many of us aspiring to make it with our art need to hear right now.

Keep on trucking, Jeff.

A fan from NorCal.

Hannah E Carpenter said...

I love all the pics... especially the ones with Shannon!

This month's issue is my favorite issue of Juxtapoz! :) Yahooooooooo!!!