Friday, October 05, 2007

Baby Tattooville

Baby Tattooville is about to kick off in a few hours. Should be interesting to see how this whole thing goes down. It's at the Mission Inn, a famous hotel about 10 minutes from where we live. Looking forward to seeing James Jean, Biskup, Baseman, etc. I should be packing a few things right now, and getting my studio ready for tomorrow where I'll be doing a painting demo. I'm trying to stay stress free this weekend. Since my NYC trip we've been slammed and super busy packing because we're moving next weekend. So Baby Tattooville kinda comes at a stressful time when we should be packing and cleaning. But anyhey. I need a real vacation, maybe next month we'll slip away for a few days if we can. Take the kidlet to Sea World or something.

Last night I realized my show at Jonathan Levine Gallery comes down tomorrow, I can't believe a month has passed. For those in NYC, your last chance to view the work in person will be Saturday. For the out of towners, I've been meaning to post images in here so here goes. Sorry I didn't put in the titles, more info for each piece is at the gallery.

Please click the image to see more detail...

I'll be posting next time with (hopefully) a ton of photos from Baby Tattooville...