Monday, September 28, 2009

Auctions goin' on...

There are two charity auctions I have work in that are going on. Check them out... The Brush Project- two sets of brushes being auctioned- here and here

The Scion Auction a 24" x 36" painting on canvas, 2008.


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Summer Fun!!

This summer went by and I've only blogged a little. Mostly just quick shoutouts for upcoming shows and events. I think it is a little crazier with two kids! Wow Natalie will be 6 months old in a few weeks!!! Whaaaat?? Time is flying! In any case, here is a little piece we like to call "Summer Fun"...

Summer lunch with Taylor, Souther and Lee at Tio's Tacos.

Summer Tomatoes... they were growing good but we had rats again this year. Next year I need a real plan.

Summer Fox! This is a motion sensitive camera that I leave out at night sometimes. This fox comes through a few times a week but this is the best photo I got of it so far.

Summer rabbits... I think this is what the fox is looking for.

Summer graffiti... this is at my studio, now painted over, preparing for my next show...

Summer shave and a haircut.. no I did not keep the handlebars. Eww.

Summer bike riding in Yucaipa!

Summer Soto build your own burrito bar. Actually an all year thing.

Summer loc'd A. Jackson + inadvertent Toyota advertising.

Summer 4th of July cousins looking like they had a long day in the sun.

Summer art show... one of the best shows ever at Riverside Art Museum.

Summer Taylor McKimmens at RAM.

Summer Comicon... sorry no long post- it was kinda all the same stuff this year.

Summer toys... my Seeker prototype debuted at Comicon!

Summer homemade steak tacos. Shit my mouth is watering looking at this pic!

Summer Bashers reunion in San Diego.

Summer Dulok Shaman rockin the house!

Summer preying mantis.

And lastly, Summer first day of preschool for Shannon.

Summer went fast, and i guess it's not technically over, but still. Stay tuned....