Monday, June 09, 2008

Props to my homies... yo

This week’s blog is not about me so much. I have been hunkered down in the studio with projects and doing family stuff lately. Turned 33 last week, went to Disneyland again, working on wierd conglamoration of art projects, totally cleaned and revamped my studio, etc. No real adventures lately. Just working and stuff. Yawn.

I did go to the Skullphone show at RAM last week. The dumpster pictured above is a nice touch, I wonder if anyone will complain about it’s presence right in front of the museum. The mysterious Skullphone infiltrated various parts of the museum, and you really have to look around and explore a bit to find it all. Props to Mr. Skull...

I got to help Skullphone and Jeff Ribaudo a few weeks ago as they made some limited edition mono prints.

And props to my homie Maxx who is off to Japan in a couple days for the debut of his Bearbrick in conjunction with Zac Pac. Sweet. I was this close to going with him last night, but the $1800 plane ticket put a damper on things. Next time homie. If you're in Japan, go check it out...

The real props should go to Rosie and Maxx for the birth of their baby, Maddox Anakin Gramajo!

And props to mi madre- her birthday is today. Happy Birthday mom (yes my parents read this blog).

Props to Wes Anderson. I love "watching" Royal Tennenbaums while I work. Just saw Bottle Rockets and The Darjeeling Limited last week. The missus and I love movies. Just saw Juno (not Wes Anderson of course) the other day finally, some nice David Choe and Tara McPherson art. There was more I think (Kozyndan?). I have to kick myself in the ass, because they asked me too to get them some art for her bedroom and I was super busy and totally flaked. I can't believe myself sometimes. Dammit.

Props to Rachel Tiede for taking a stand. Rachel worked at Art Center College of Design and I knew her as a student and am friends with her husband (we graduated together). Recently the college has had an uprising of sorts, with students protesting the direction of Art Center president, Richard Koshalek. Apparently he is more interested in the various architecture projects (pricey Frank Gehry library) and travelling to Europe than meeting the needs of students- financial aid, better classrooms, parking etc. After taking a stand against Koshalek, Rachel’s boss, Nate Young (Chief Executive Officer for the school) resigned in protest. The following week at a student government meeting Rachel defended her former boss and was promptly let go by the school. I don’t know all the details but Rachel is cool and I appreciate that she stood up for the students. The tuition is like $15,000 per semester, no joke, students should be of the highest priority. Here's more info:

And finally, speaking of Art Center, mad props to you Donkey! Mark Miller gave you to me as a graduation gift six years ago and we’ve had some great times over the years. But you’re finally falling apart, three of your legs are broken, your ears are busted and your fur is falling out all over the studio. Maybe it’s from Shannon trying to ride you all those times. You’re busted, broken and I have to bid farewell. I left you near the trash dumpster, and went to lunch, when I came back you were gone! I hope you are warming the hearts of others on your journey! Take care Donkey!