Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Comicon here I come..

I'm getting stuff together for the San Diego Comicon, leaving early tomorrow to go stand in line for an hour to get my Pro badge. Why is it that every year this thing gets more and more stressful? I remember when they mailed your entry badges to you a month ahead of time. Ah well, things change. So here's what's going on:

I'll be at Murphy Design's booth, #4933. I have a signing schedule (can't find it now but swing by the booth and ask) but I'll also be there throughout the day, every day of the con.

My calendar just came out so we'll have that for sale and I'm bringing some new stuff that is not for sale on my website yet.

A new giclee, "Thunder Cloud Over a Flower", edition of 50.

A new 3 color serigraph, "Storm Cloud" edition of 115.

And a new 16 page minizine- "Hope". I made 200, each is signed and numbered and comes sealed with some buttons.

All the new stuff has special Comicon pricing- when I put the new merchandise up online next week things'll be a little higher. That's my way of saying thanks to those who are braving the crowded, stinky, sweaty halls of Nerd Prom, er, Comicon.

Alright see you there. Look for the nerd dressed as a Tauren Moonkin.


Angie said...

I wish I could make it....It's my goal to be there Next Year!!

I got my calendar in the mail last week and it completely kicks major bootay! I adore it, thank you thank you!!

Also, FINALLY (after three years) I framed and hung my Gumivore Love and it looks amazing now that it's not in the closet! Thanks for always working so hard so the rest of us can enjoy your creative genius!

Anonymous said...

I sooooo want that timkaren pin!!!

Have fun at the Con brotha. Try to hook me up with some bootlegs from the Toxic Avenger will yah?

<3 Tim Doggy Dog Dawg

Dee C.K. said...

Hey Jeff-
Good to hear that Dave(The Chung) showed you all a GOOD time. ;) hahaa...jk Dave is awesome.
nah, it looks like you all were overloaded with good work!
I have to say that you always have amazing work and you should do fine at the CON. So no worries. =)
Also, I agree with you saying before that there are more males then females in the art world. I, being female and a painter, find some difficulties working my way into shows, but I think there are increasing amounts of women who are making a mark in this low-brow industry. Now to make our way through the cat calls is a different story...heheee...

Rafael said...

dammit, i didn't know you were going to be there. i was looking for your vader helmet piece but it wasnt included in the collection, wuzzupwitdat? oh well have fun!

Ian said...

Hey wow I can't believe I didn't see this! anyways I am glad I still got to meet you, even if it was a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, is it September!!! already?

I knew that you couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

Great to finally meet and hang out with you Jeff! Sorry to hear you were sick.

Oh and thanks for doodling on my box:)
Kathie Olivas

Rafael said...

LOL, shirtless Soto sighting at Comic-Con!!!

Julian Meyer said...

Wow, I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog. Known of your work for awhile. Your a great artist yo. I dig your work immensely.