Monday, November 12, 2007

Where the hell did October go?

Sorry for lack of updates, sometimes it just feels like there’s nothing interesting/important to write about. And sometimes blogs seem very self centered; like who really cares about what I have to say?

Then again, blogging is sorta fun.

Here’s some photos and stuff...

Babytattooville- This was a new art event they’re going to be doing ever year. The first one happened to be a few miles from me here in Riverside. It was held at the Mission Inn which is a famous hotel that’s been around for over 100 years in downtown. The place is kinda spooky, lots of ghosts have been reported.

The idea of this event was to invite a bunch of artists (people like Gary Baseman, Tara McPherson, Kozic, James Jean, Lola, etc) to do their thing and hang out with fans of their art. I was invited and for my portion of the event I had everyone over for a tour of my studio. The whole event was weird and cool at the same time. Like a mini Comicon. We got to stay in a suite in the fancy Mission Inn which was a pretty neat experience.

There are some good photo blogs of the event, here are a few...





And here are some of my photos....

I think they’re limiting the participants to 50 next time, so if this looks like fun, go to

The following weekend, we went to an old fashioned pumpkin patch in Yucaipa with Shaunna and Mike. Shannon and Dylan had a great time- slides, bouncers, pony rides.... I was just amazed at all the pumpkin varieties. The rumor is that they’re going to tear the place down to put in a Target. Kinda sucks.... I mean... they had the best home made kettle corn ever. What a shame.

Halloween was fun but.. got a bunch of crap photos... need a new camera I think..

I started a new blog that I think is more interesting than this one. It’s all the Soto brother’s old toys I found in my parent’s garage. Somehow, some of this stuff survived. Have a look: Jeff’s Old Toys

Other random thoughts:

I keep seeing people throwing garbage out of their cars. Is this just a regional thing or is it going on all over the U.S.? It’s annoying the shit outta me..

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming presidential election. It’s mind blowingly awesome to think there is a pretty good shot that the next president will be either a woman or an African American. It’s about time. Our country needs to catch up with the times. I just hope the Democrats don’t blow it somehow.

I need a new digital camera. My 5 year old Olympus is not taking as nice of pictures lately. Plus it’s huge. I want one of those "fancy" pocket sized ones. Any recommendations??

Will try to post more haha...


mreid said...

awesome that you updated again. im liking the pumpkins you guys carved haha. yeah, theres a whole lot of drive by littering in nyc so you need not worry. by the way, the new blog is very entertaining. hope all is well.

shaunna said...

Thanks Jeff for the good words on my blog! Good to see an update here, you got some great pics at the pumpkin patch! Awesome shots of all the different kinds of pumpkins. Good reads for Baby Tattooville too! See you guys soon

Hannah E Carpenter said...

I have a canon power shot A630.
8 mega pixel.

it's not pocket size- but its definitely small enough.

Takes great pictures, has very nice features & functions. When I bought it- it was $299. Now you can find it for cheaper- but its one hell of a camera for the price! :)

the chung said...

looks like good times man!

i personally love the canon cameras. they're small, easy to use, and helluvapowerful. but my brother has a Panasonic Lumix and he says its the balls. so i'd check both brands out.

Anonymous said...

love yout blogs everytime. question i saw the print of cold ice age was that ever printed in mass quantity?

steven said...

Great blog trekski, I love the old toys blog.
The sotofish pieces are so nestalgic.
wanna paint twin palms?
o ps costco has great deals on cammeras
, and there return policy is lifetime.
WE gota panosonic lumix we love it!

Hannah E Carpenter said...

This is an old post-


I just heard Canon came out with a new AMAZING digital camera.

12 Mega pixels

for $299.

You should definitely look into that one!

serena said...

Hi Jeff
NiCe PiCtUrEs!
Its me Serena.

See you SOON!(HoPfUlLy)