Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Green Show pictures

This was before Thanksgiving so kind of old news. The show was cool, lot of fun people showed up- Kevin Christy, Martha Rich, The Chung, P Jay Fidler, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Mark Todd, etc. More photos from Mark Murphy’s blog.

Kevin Christy and I. I think his was my favorite piece, forgot to get a photo of it. Kevin is just an all around nice guy and great artist.

Robert Hardgrave, me and The Chung. I made weird faces in all the photos that night. I think cause Shannon is really into making faces right now.

David Choong Lee was there, super nice guy.

Martha Rich/Esther Pearl Watson collaboration.

Rich Jacobs’ piece.

Later on.... Shannon going off with the watercolors...

Next up, Miami Art Basel which I just got back from last night. I took 250 pictures so I'm gonna have to do a bit of editing before I can write about it...


greg oakes said...

is that paint splatter on kitchen floor tile? i love stuff like that; seems to have more life than some of the professional work i've seen published or hanging in a gallery. ;)

Pearmama said...

I think you have to be an artist to truly enjoy watching your children create. It goes beyond, "Oh, that's nice honey." and hanging it on the fridge. When my husband and I see our kids sketch or paint or sculpt or do graffiti...we get puffed up with pride!
"Wow, look at the color combinations!"
"You have a true illustrator's style, mijo!"
"You got skills, kid!"
I have TONS of my kids stuff, in folders, framed, on the walls, spray-painted on the side of the house. To me, there is great promise of their artistic ability. Sure, they can't really throw a football--but they know who Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse are. :)