Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Miami Art Basel- Day 3 (Sunday)

I know, it's been a few weeks but there were a few more Miami pictures to show. Sunday I was leaving but had a few hours to go check out a couple more fairs. I could have used a day or two more, there's so much art to look at. I really only scratched the surface, and never made it to the mainland (will for sure next year).

Swung by to say hi to the folks at BLK/MRKT. They were showing two of my new pieces on paper.

Gregory Euclid is one of my favorites.

I'm surprised that alot of people I talk to haven't heard of Ian Francis. Check this guy's work out.

My pieces. Been continuing to experiment on paper with layered images, coming up with some new ideas for my next show...

BLK/MRKT crew- George, Kinsey and Jana.

New Image Art had a nice showing at Aqua.

Eric White. He was around somewhere but I kept missing him.

I seem to blog about Neckface alot, I guess I just love the work. I heard he was in Miami too...

The last bit of art I saw was at the airport- fiberglass fish reproductions arranged in strange spirals. My dad is a taxidermist so these caught my eye.

Long flight home...


farmerbob said...

I dig those new drawings you made.

Bry said...

Hey! I was at that same airport once and took pics of it! lol Rad!