Monday, February 25, 2008

War Clouds giclee

Still taking a break from the blogging... but with so many nice shows up right now in L.A. (Evan Hecox, Swoon, Dave Cooper. etc...) expect an entry in the next couple of weeks.

Just updating this with some news of a new print I'll be releasing on very soon-

Jeff Soto "War Clouds" giclee. Edition of 50, 20" X 14" paper size, 18" x 12" image size. Signed, numbered and titled. $250. Coming soon, please email us if interested ( ). We are not taking any money yet but will start a list of interested buyers and give them first dibs when we release it.

This painting was part of my "Storm Clouds" show last year in NYC. It was one of my favorites and I get a lot of inquiries for both a print and the original (sorry folks, Dave Choe owns it). This giclee will recreate the piece at it's actual size (18" x 12").

Check here or on for further info.



damonomad said...

sweet - can't wait!!

the chung said...

tits! that's awesome!! also...the dave cooper show was the balls! go check it out if you haven't already.

hope all is well

Levon Jihanian said...

I like it a lot. Dave Cooper was brilliant. Let's go show hopping again this month if you're up to it.

cuypi said...

Great work !

Lucas Aguirre. said...


Mark said...

Always find it massively inspiring dropping in here, Jeff - this is my first visit since Xmas, so I've had plenty to read, look at and think about today! Thanks for making the effort, it's so very worth it. (But, um, now I want more already, ha...!)

Ps, couldn't agree more with your recent post about 'change in the air' - I smell it, even from waaay over here in the 'hot' (really?!) UK. ;)

Anyway, keep 'em coming when you feel good and ready man...

Mantime, look after you & yours.
Cheers, Mark

miracle child said...

love ur work man!!!


miracle child said...

love your work!
love the colour+characters