Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just painting...

Been painting much more lately, feeling much freedom. Working on wood, paper, canvas, cheap scrap paper, exploring, using ink, watercolors, trying new stuff. It's been very liberating. Working on some new stuff for a few group shows and something big at the end of the year. Check at the end of this blog for more info.

Here’s some stuff from the last couple months when I was in blog hibernation...

The Riverside Art Museum (RAM) is doing some great and fun projects lately. Their staff is really bringing in some cool exhibitions. Got to see Raymond Pettibon and Mike Watt at the RAM. They did a collaborative performance with Mike playing bass as Raymond created spontaneous drawings. It was a new idea and turned out pretty well. Brought a lot of Riverside's arty kids out, which is a good thing.

Got these pictures of Dan Nguyen (Demonslayer) painting a mural at UCR Sweeney Art Gallery..

He is showing at RAM the same time as this awesome show...

Yeah I’m telling ya, the RAM is coming up, it’s a nice change from the past 15 years that I’ve been checking it out. Nothing against traditional landscapes (in fact I love them) but it’s nice to see some contemporary stuff happening.

Random images from the last two months- ducks at Fairmont Park, sunglasses fun, hiking Sugarloaf Mountain with my dad then again with Jennifer:

Finally got over to West Hollywood to see the Swoon show at New Image Art, where I ran into the wonderful Kelsey Brooks. What a nice fella. I meant to ask him about what looked like a hand-stitched fabric design on his shirt, I really liked the design. Kelsey had just drove up from his place in San Diego, stopping to surf along the coast. We were both tripping out on all the Swoon work.

I love Swoon’s woodcuts (or are they lino?). She’s to me a modern day K├Ąthe Kollwitz. I also admire how the whole installation is the piece, rather than simple individual pieces hanging on the wall. You’re immersed into her world this way.

Marsea Goldberg, Kelsey and the New Image Art staff.

Here’s some of the shows I have coming up that I've been making new paintings for:

*"Fairfax + Haight" curated by New Image Art at RVCA San Francisco. March 20-May 28th 2008.

*New Image Art at Scope New York, March 26-30.

*“Robots- Evolution of a Cultural Icon” at the San Jose Art Museum. One of my older pieces, “Battle For Twin Palms” will be on display. April 12- October 19, 2008.

*Kinsey/DesForges Gallery at Art Chicago fair- April 25- 28, 2008.

And for those of you who didn't see it on Fecal Face a few weeks ago, I give you "Uncle Dirty"...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, I knew it was a matter of time before you had a painting in a museum exhibit.

MBKKR said...

Hi there,

I just wanna say your work looks really dope. I've been following your work for a view years now. Your getting better every year and i have the idea that your work's got darker and stronger. Anyway i think it's great, i like it.

Cheers from the Netherlands

Shawn O'Connor said...

love the pine trees in photo #2. awesome! keep up the great work jeff, love seeing it all come together!

Tintin Cooper said...

interesting stuff! where are you based?

Red Headed Devil said...

seeing stuff about RAM makes me a little home sick for the ole Riverside. Thanks for showing