Monday, June 14, 2010

Jeff Soto 'Lifecycle' June 26-July 24, 2010

I'm excited to be showing a new group of paintings at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in just a couple weeks. My last NYC solo exhibition was back in 2007- it has been awhile and I'm looking forward to exploring New York and seeing some of my pals! If you're in town the opening is Saturday June 26, 7-9pm.

This new body of work feel like a tipping point or breakthrough to me- I've been exploring new themes, new techniques, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and possibly breaking the surface into a new direction. I usually don't feel like this but it's been a rollercoaster ride, full of discoveries and failures, emotions and hard work. This show has been more personal than those in the past, as I've had to dive into the subjects of family and life and death. It has also been extremely rewarding and I'm excited to share them. I'm going to keep painting and exploring this new path but this will be my last solo exhibit for a while. So come by if you can!

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For buyer's list/preview info contact Darcie Vukovich:
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As an added awesome bonus, a friend and one of my favorite painters, Dave Cooper is also showing, don't miss it...

Jeff Soto

June 26-July 24, 2010
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011


Alberto Cerriteño said...

Just Fantastic!!! Can't wait to see all these new paintings. Good luck Mr. Soto!

Ivan Aguirre said...

WOW,! I wish I was In New York for this!! Are you by any chance going to have a private preview night for us Riverside/Los Angeles/california peeps like you have In the past? That would be awesome


steven said...

Love this stuff man looks like old trekski steez! Amazing work man!


Street Art June 26 at 4:16pm
I originally posted that comment on your blog and it was deleted. I than posted it on Facebook. but than deleted it to be fair to you. Facebook wasn't really the venue for my comments. In my opinion low bro art is everywhere. It is not original nor very exciting. It is a movement that will past. Your print in my opinion is not great. The color combination and subject matter are not appealing. I am an art collector and own the works of Lister, The Date Farmers, Bast , Faile , Saber, Push, Fairey and many many others. I know what I like. As for being a critic, I am the ultimate critic. It is people like me who buy your art. You were posting every day on my site and constantly commenting on your own work. I hadn't been a big fan of your art from the get go but when you posted that comment on your print the other day, I was pushed to make a comment. In my opinion it wasn't very good, you have done MUCH better. My name is Leo and I have removed YOU from my friends list. This will be easiest, you won't receive any more unfavorable comments from me.


Secondary market has everything to do with success. It is how the principle of supply and demand actually works. If there is no demand for your work on the secondary market your career will be short lived. That's the reality for an artist!! Barry Mcgee Faile, Clayton Brothers can all sell their works at Sothebys, Christies or Philips De Pury, can you ??

Jeff Soto said...

Thanks for your constructive opinion, not sure what website I was making comments on, can you link it or something? There are a few questions unanswered here, but I will try to reply later. Out the door to my opening...

Anonymous said...

21st century suck a dick, you wish you knew how to paint. You wish you had 10% of Soto's skill. Fuck your mother

Anonymous said...

I just saw some pics from the show, awesome work! Bravo for not saying in your comfort zone and trying something new, keeps it fresh. I'm rally digging the fantasy elements in the new pieces. Great work all around, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful works Jeff. I love the SUN RISES AGAIN the best due to the three distinct elements that merge together cohesively. Stunning colors, and I am sure fans would go crazy if this was released as a print. Really terrific show. Your voice is pretty genuine, your execution unique. Keep it up!

- Devours

Anonymous said...

Dear Street Art,

Just because you are an art collector does not make you the "ultimate critic" as there is no such thing in terms of ultimacy. Believing so only proves that you are working under the false assumption that being collected is the ultimate purpose of Jeff's work (or any other) or that “art” is something which hangs in galleries or in some collector’s home. Jeff Soto was making art work before it was collected by anyone and I dare say he did not lack a sense of purpose. He or anyone else doesn't need you to collect their work to validate their artistic expression as valuable or meaningful. In my opinion, time will tell, but Jeff Soto will go down as one of the great artist of this movement but even if not the fact is his art has been and will continue to be valuable in the lives of thousands - not to mention the one that is most important, Jeff himself. Your opinion is much smaller than this fact.

Brent Doster