Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soto- Eddie Vedder Screenprint, Providence 2011

I just got these in this morning and they look great! The Speckletone paper looks pretty cool, and all the subtle overlaps and shading turned out how I planned. Still doing most of the drawing by hand, but my trusty Wacom is saving me hours and hours. Screenprinting is getting funner and funner to me...

This poster celebrates the first night of Eddie's US Tour. This is a five color print on Cream Speckletone paper with a signed edition of 100.
For sale Wednesday, June 22 at noon PST
$65 + shipping.


Jam-Wah said...

That is just gorgeous. Wish I had a hand as steady (amongst other envies).

Jeff Soto said...

My hand is not as steady as I'd like. Never has been. Especially in the morning, my lines are always shakier.

David said...

Jeff, that is so awesome. I love the MSG 1 poster from that show. So glad I have that one on my wall.

john said...

hi jeff, great work as usual.
i'm gonna buy a wacom soon, i've read lots of opinion about it but i'd like to have one from a great artist like you.
can i also ask you what model do you use?
thanks and congrats again

Kick .anpvs /Ana Paula Vital da Silva said...

His work, I can tell, it really is perfect, every detail is impressive. I admire artists who do stencil / graffiti,For I also take risks and love to draw and love art.
Ana Paula . Brazil SP

Christine Curry Coates said...

It's good to see some hand-drawn poster art! Congratulations.