Monday, July 17, 2006

Comicon is almost here and I'm scrambling to get stuff done. I'm so far behind on my jobs at this point that I'm embarrassed. But so it goes... I will be signing copies of my book and my new 8" Egg Qee colorway, the "San Diego Egg". Some people have asked what booths I will be signing at. My schedule is posted below. Hope you can make it...

12-1pm Hi Fructose booth 4735
3-4pm at Toy2R booth 4636 (debut of the San Diego Egg)

12-1pm with Giant Robot Booth 1729
6-7pm at Murphy Books (table F5)

12-1pm at Murphy Books (table F5)
4-5pm at Murphy Books (table F5)

I will be there but I don't have a signing schedule. Look for a guy dressed up as Dog the bounty hunter.

Okay so I'm kidding about Dog the bounty hunter. I've just been watching his show and it's very entertaining actually. Kinda like Cops, but Dog has a heart of gold. Dog is tough but he's really a big softy. And he wears some strange shit in his mane. You can't fuck with his style cause it's so 80's heavy metal meets weightlifter meets Crocodile Dundee. He looks kinda like one of those GI Joe guys that rode speeder bikes in the swamps. The dreadnoks! Yeah! But c'mon, wouldn't his outfit make for a great costume?

Anyone watch Dirty Jobs? Now that show is pretty addicting. I'm a SUCKER for some good reality tv.

And as the heat wave rolls on here in the IE one has to wonder if Snoop will ever melt? Doesn't it get to 140 degrees in a car with the windows rolled up? Even my cat sticker is turning brown from the intense heat.

See yuns at the Con...


Em said...

OK, I hate to be the one to ask this, but everyone else is avoiding the question.
When's it coming out and what on earth is holding it up? I'm not even a toy collector and I got to get one of those things.

E_Pavoochi said...

Ist off, I have to say that I adore your work and have bought a few of your amazing pieces! 2nd of all, as a fellow artist with obvious fine taste, I am proud to be a fellow DOG fan. However, I will be stealing the costume for Halloween after you use it. I tune in every week for a Lelandism and to get some fashion advice from Beth.... Memorizing!

Memo Pisa el Lodo said...

That is one serious looking cat. Reminds me of a site I came across today:

jess said...

i have the robot sticker on my car & due to this horrible heat it has fadded. lame.