Friday, July 07, 2006

Got a shipment of my toys in from Toy2R. These are the 3 different colorways of my Terrarium Keeper Egg Qee. They don't want me showing what they look like but I can tell the names- Orion Egg, Minnesota Egg, and San Diego Egg. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I will have some for sale but I have to wait until after they are announced by Toy2R. Many companies such as Toy2R pay in product and this is how the artist makes their share of the profits.

In other news we have two movies from Netflix Jennifer and I need to watch- Eraserhead and Murderball. We've had Murderball for over a month, it's hard to find the time to sit and watch a movie these days. Anyone seen these movies? People are surprised I've never seen Eraserhead.

My '99 Saturn SL2 is having problems. The cooling fan motor is out plus I have a leak in the plastic radiator and it's been overheating. Bah. Cars. I always play with the idea of buying a new one but the Saturn is a good lil' car and got me through college and has never had any major problems. I'll keep it another year or two.

Here is a picture of Shannon Daisy...

Jeff signing off...


springfish said...

Glad to see you on Blogspot Jeff! I love your work and recently purchased two, "Walker" and "Friends" from your show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. They're gracing my living room in all their glory. I was really hoping to get the opportunity to purchase "Winter" but alas, red dot by the time my number was called.
I hope you consider doing more work in the mood of that piece. The lighting and mood were perfect.

I think you'll find Eraserhead very enjoyable. It's definitely a mind bender. If you ever want to make your brain really hurt, watch: Gummo, Eraserhead, and Jacob's Ladder all in one night. ;)

Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

Hi Jeff-
I am a big fan and will be watching the blog. We finally got our turtle love print framed and hung last month. He is hanging with an old Japanese woodblock actor print and an original Paul Klee. The grouping is really fun. My husband also bought me your limited edition set at Christmas so we hung a few more Sotos in the living room as well.
Keep up the good work Jeff and don't let that adorable baby distract you too very much.

Jordan said...

colorways that I think you should do after the pink and blue, maybe a blue and white and the black and red. :)

Hey, I got to be up there as one of your biggest fans. Can't wait to see what you do next. And hopefully you will do a few show outside of the two usual coasts.

Miles Thompson said...

yes baby pic! you go kid! beautiful!!!