Friday, December 01, 2006

My show and Thanksgiving are finally out of the way, man, I guess I needed some time to wind down. My work schedule was insane for a while there... but I'll probably do the same thing for my next show.

Here’s some photos from my show at BLK/MRKT. Thanks to all who came out. These photos were taken by my mom (my camera ran out of batteries after one measly photo).

My pops in front of my biggest piece.

Brother Tim and his girlfriend Karen.

Here's some better shots of the artwork. The first few are acrylic on paper, the rest are on wood panels.

Here's some web sites with more images from the show....

And I did an interview about my new work with Jamie O'Shea for his Supertouch blog...

Alright back to work I go...


Em said...

It's funny, but I spent the vast majority of my life in NYC and inhaled huge quantities of 'highbrow art', some of which is wonderful, much of which did zero for me. No, not zero...a lot of the highbrow art seems to try to get at something kind of disturbing. But you don't 'enjoy' much of the highbrow stuff. I like the trm 'lowbrow' insofar as it's almost code for 'art it's OK to enjoy', and JS' work is definitely enjoyable. So I'm glad to see it wqell received and actually glad too that there seems to be something really happening artwise out there on the left coast!

Now all we need is for JS to show out here in London, where I'm currently stationed!

Tommy Kane said...

Brilliant work.

Matthew Smith said...

I've eagerly been checking the blog EVERYDAY awaiting the pictures of Cold Ice Age. I'm so excited to finally see the live pics and such. So psyched for your upcoming 2007 show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery! Unbelievable work!

regino said...

Thanks for posting pics of the show Jeff. so homies on the east coast could check it out...

Anonymous said...

rock on.

Stuart Kim said...


I don't know if you remember me from art center a while back. 1st or second term I guess. I just wanted to say GREAT work! Your stuff is amazing as always and I wish you all the best!

Take care and get some well deserved rest!

robert b said...

i think i speak for many: get mr murphy to publish a volume 2! sure there was a reason to call potato stamp dreams volume 1!
any plans for shows in europe?

robert from holland

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greg oakes said...

very cool!! :) congrats jeff!

laudbobner said...

Hi Jeff, I really admire your work and I just saw your segment on "The Run Up". You had some good insight and encouragement for an artist like me. I look forward to keeping up with your work and hopefully get to meet you someday, Maaaaaybe comic con?

Anonymous said...
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