Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This is a post of all the blogs I check out when I have time (which hasn't been often lately!) There are more but I lost some of my bookmarks. Lemme know if you come across a good art blog...

David Choe

Souther and Saelee

Eric Nakamura from Giant Robot

Sam Flores


Martha Rich

Chris Ryniak

James Jean


Tomer and Asaf

The Plundering

The Chung

Jamie O'Shea's Supertouch

Crown Dozen

Fecal Face

Art Blogging LA

The Hundreds

Upper Playground


William Joseph Dunn said...

George Pratt (who was my painting instructor many moons ago) has a good one:

George puts up a lot of his paintings in various stages of progress. Definitely worth checking out!

Bax Turbine said...

That sir is a great list. I really enjoy your bloggy thing. You should drop by mine sometime. :)

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Anonymous said...


I was just at KidRobot SF last night and picked up the new Mad Villain figure.

They had nothing but amazing things to say about seeing your Walker toy at the 'Con. So... when can blokes like me get one?

Anonymous said...

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