Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Mailbox Explosion

Our mailbox got blown up the night of the 4th but someone didn’t do a very good job. It was all bowed out but didn’t actually get destroyed. They used a homeade bomb fashioned out of black electric tape and foil. There are some real pricks that live in our neighborhood. I shouldn't laugh but it's ever so slightly funny to get your mailbox almost blown up.

The Sea No Evil show was pretty cool at the Riverside Art Museum last week. If you ever get a chance to hear Paul Watson talk you should do it. He’s the captain of the M/V Steve Irwin (yes named after the crochunter- he was a big time conservationist and shared the same goals as Paul). He told stories of sinking illegal whaling ships, getting between whales and harpoons in an inflatable boat and getting shot by whalers. He had a definite passion for helping out our oceans. The artshow raised around $50,000 with all the artists donating their work to help Sea Shepherd. Here's some pics...

Here's a new painting I finished.. called “Brain Decay”. Don't necessarily know what I'm doing anymore but am having fun and exploring new territory which is exactly what I love about making art. So things are going good.

Just took part in the Monothon at Riverside Art Museum on Friday. The workshop is run by Ron Pokrasso an expert printmaker from New Mexico. I think I’m getting hooked on printmaking. I was working with solarplate which is an etching method without any kind of hazardous chemicals. You just use the sun to develop it rather than acids which is better for your health and the environment. I’m going to keep experimenting with printmaking when I can, it’s fun because you never really know what you’re going to get.

Last but not least, is the Comicon in San Diego. I’ll be there like always. I'm sharing a booth with Murphy Art Books- we’re at #4833. Come say hi if you’re going. Should be fun and crowded as always. Plus always excellent people watching and I’ll be bringing my camera. Look for me I'll be dressed as Xena.

My new book will be debuting at the Comicon, I’m excited, I haven’t even seen the final myself yet. I think we put more into this one than the last, there's an intro by Peter Frank, and a rather funny (and X rated) essay by David Choe. He's naughty but awesome. The book has most of my paintings from the last 3-4 years, it's kinda a trip to look at, for me anyway. I can see the evolution that has happened in my work. Hope people like it. I'll do a better blog entry about it later.

Here’s part of the press release:
Jeff Soto delivers his second fine art collection, “Storm Clouds.” “Storm Clouds” represents Jeff’s evolution beyond his signature robot vs. nature motifs and features work from his politically charged solo exhibitions, “Supernova,” “Cold Ice Age,” and “Storm Clouds” created over the past three years. The Riverside Art Museum, with funding from the James Irvine Foundation, generously contributed the introduction to the book written by RAM’s senior curator, Peter Frank. Also includes essays by Jeff Soto, David Choe, and Mark Murphy. 

“Storm Clouds” features a hard bound, archival edition, that matches the size and format of the sold out, “Potato Stamp Dreams,” with over 154 pages. The standard edition features specialty printing on the cover and the Limited Edition will feature a custom printed box, signed book, with 4 archival prints and special touches. Available late July 2008. Please contact for more info.

I also have a new print out. "Beast Within", 17" x 17" giclee, edition of 50. I had a lot of requests for this image and think it's relevant somehow in this election year. Find it on

Finally, just a photo of my daughter that Erin took... how did Jennifer and I make such a cute kid? I'm already learning to use a shotgun (or at least pump it dramatically) for when she's a teenager... I plan on being that scary dad on the porch...


P.L. Nigrum said...

What's up with vandalism on the 4th? I thought that was what happened on Halloween. Last year on the 4th some punk uprooted almost 60 flowers from my yard and threw them in the street.

On the other hand, you probably pissed off the neighbors by having obnoxiously loud sex with the windows open, so you had it coming.

Can't wait to see the book, onward to the Con!


sleepboy said...

wow, it looks like ur mailbox wasn't damaged at all haha. weak.

loved ur installation at RAM but didn't realize auction ended early at 9:30. they wouldn't tell me how mich it went for haha.

wish i could make SDCC this year.