Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Tattoo Post

I got my Kestrel tattoo colored in a couple weeks ago by the mysterious R.G. I'm really happy with it, and though we are going to eventually add in some background- fall leaves and whatever, it feels like it's finished. R.G. is the best. I don't know why he's mysterious, he's not very mysterious actually, we just used to call him "the mysterious R.G." a long time ago. I like watching him work, I don't know a lot about tattooing, but to me he works like a painter, mixing colors on the fly, and working the needles like a brush.

We talked about what makes a piece of art timeless, be it a tattoo or a painting, but that's a tough question, and we didn't really find an answer. I like that about RG. He has a lot of integrity and is not afraid to question his own work. But you know you're going to get a good tattoo. I couldn't be happier with mine, I feel that nature tattoos done in a non gimicky way have a certain timelessness to them, but of course that's just one guy's opinion. As tattoo trends come and go maybe it's impossible to have a design that is timeless. Or maybe it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. In any case, it's one of the reasons I don't like designing tattoos. People ask all the time but it's just not in me.

I only have a couple of tattoos myself, so this was only the third time I've been needled. In the past I always thought I was a wuss, because both times I got all light headed and felt like I was going to pass out. The pain was never really bad, so I didn't understand why I'd feel like that. But now I know what was up. It was my blood sugar and the adrenaline rush you get when you're about to get tattooed. This time I tried drinking some soda and eating a bunch of cookies and I didn't have any problems. It was really nice talking to RG and his girl Gill, rapping about art and New York and Mead Valley. Good times.

Thanks RG...

So I got a new computer and while transferring over all the files I found about 30 images of my work tattooed onto people. I knew I had these but forgot about them. These are all images that were sent to me or I found on message boards. It's flattering but sorta weird at the same time. The robot stuff I was doing a few years back is the most popular theme, I don't know how timeless they will be but maybe by the time we start worrying about that we will all have blurry colored blobs on our arms anyway. All I know is my fans are awesome, and it's an honor to have my work permanently etched into their skin. Take a look...


Anonymous said...

it's cool to see my arms put up my skull and flowers as well :)

found it weird someone has the same one as me but i understand it's amazing like all your work.

i'm still working on the top of my sleeve so hopefully i'll finish that soon so i can send u the rest

you friend from florida josh :)

steven said...

Man some of them tatoos are amazing and dead on especially the gumavore love one!
Unfortunatley i wont be able to make it out to the show. wah wah wah. I made prior plans with my lady before i heard about doing it.
take care man

maura said...

wow - your Kestrel is amazing. he did an awesome job.
i can't imagine having anything i've drawn tattooed onto people, but if it happened i think i'd feel very similar to how you feel... maybe a little freaked out, but also honored.

Ivan's blog said...

These are great. YOur tattoo came out great jeff.

the chung said...

your tattoo came out looking awesome, man!

also i'm totally going to get a tattoo of your face with an eye-patch on my forehead. how would you feel then? pretty dang awesome i bet.

Cida Hilel said...

your tatoo is very brilliant, congratulations!

Davey said...

Im thrilled that my tat is up on your blog. It's the "Happy and sad at the same time" one. Im actually going back soon to get some more done, dedicating my whole leg.

Tiffany said...

Mine is the 16th and 17th picture :]

And as far as your work not being timeless...I think that's poppycock.
Your work will definitely stand the test of time.
I'm proud to display your art on my body!

...I mean, look at it this way...we could have got tribal tats instead....


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I are fans of your work and got tattooed two paintings of yours, we´d like to send you some pictures of them if possible.

Two fans from Spain.

Marisa said...

Hi Jeff.

I think it's wonderful to see your art translated on skin.

Would also love to know who the tattoo artists are behind the work -- especially the artist who tattooed the very well done TatGrowers piece. Could you let us know who did it? Would love to reblog it, with your permission, on my tattoo blog.