Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of Summer

Just some random end of Summer photos- bugs and cats and lizards and the kid. It’s still hot here but I can’t believe we’re almost into September. The months sure flew by.

Found this under a plank of wood, poor guy...

Opal's got hops..

My gardening experience this year so far has been crappy. Some rodent (from what I’ve read it’s most likely a rat) has been eating my tomatoes every night. We haven’t had one red tomato yet as they eat them when still green. Sometimes it’s half a tomoato, sometimes just a few bites, it’s frustrating. Next year I’m planning a bigger veggie garden- I need to get a plan going to keep the pests away. We’re hoping to team up with other local veggie growers and trade, partly in an effort to “go green”, but also to save money and also because home grown veggies just taste better.

Speaking of “going green”, I found out from Derric Swinfard that the city of Riverside is giving away free reusable bags. I got a pile of them which we’re using and giving away to family to use. Here’s more info if you’re a resident of Riverside: To be honest I didn’t know until recently how bad plastic bags are. I just found out a few months ago about the continent of plastic garbage in the Pacific and it’s a shame.

Got an early look at the new Ray Caesar book, “Ray Caesar Art Collection”. I heard that many people are waiting for this book, it’s pretty nice, I think it’s worth the wait. I like Ray’s use of color, especially on his newer works. The imagery (at least to me) makes me a little uncomfortable, which is a good thing. I always admire visual works that elicit an emotional response, and boy can he make a poodle’s vagina evil looking.

My next solo show is looming on the horizon and it’s crunch time. It’s at the Riverside Art Museum in December, I’ll post more info soon. Might be going into blog hibernation for awhile.


P.s. I did an interview with Chris Ryniak for Fecal Face, be sure to check it out: Chris on FF


shaunna said...

Good pics on this one... Dylan is a Superfan of this post. He's enamored with the picture of Shannon holding a lizard.

lola said...

it's so exciting that you will be showing at RAM, i can't even begin to tell you. hope you're well, and painting strong! perhaps we'll see you 3 at tattooville again? be well!!