Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Soto interview on OMGposters

New interview on OMGprints.com... Ten questions with Jeff Soto


Ivan's blog said...

That sounds great, that your next show well be here in Riverside. Dont have to make the drive out to los Angeles like last time.


Adzmax said...

"For everyone else, try to be nice to your fellow human! We’re all in this together"

Wise words mate :) Couldn't agree more. Love looking at your work on my walls at home, always brings a smile. Take care - Adz.

shaunna said...

good words Soto. And way to put ol' "Stoney" there in his place!

Tim said...

Good stuff brotha!

And yeah...I really don't get why people always talk so much crap on Riverside. We have San Bernardino, Mo'Val and Colton all right next to us yet I hear more Riverside trash talkin' over any of them. Maybe it's cause I've lived in Riverside most of my life? I dunno. The only thing about Riverside that I can't stand is the heat during Summer - but that's a good chunk of Southern California for yah.

Keep the blogs coming dude...we all enjoy them :)

palma tayona said...

i have no idea what riveside looks like nor where it is in the map, but heck, it sure is good to have wonderfully cool artist there.

i love your works.