Monday, September 08, 2008

Storm Clouds Release

My new book is available finally, click here to purchase: Murphy Books
We worked hard on this book and I feel it does a good job of capturing what I've been up to for the past three years. Here's some pictures and the press release:

Storm Clouds
Jeff Soto's, second installment, "Storm Clouds," features paintings that evolve beyond the robotic characters featured in the sold out, "Potato Stamp Dreams." "Storm Clouds" captures new painted territory that record Jeff's concerns for the well being of his family, the fragile condition of politics, the changing forces of nature and moments for personal exploration and experimentation.

This hard cover volume features 154 pages, specialty printing techniques and over 264 high-quality, full color images. Featured commentary provided by David Choe, Peter Frank (Senior Curator of Riverside Art Museum), Jeff Soto and Mark Murphy. The Riverside Art Museum and the James Irvine Foundation provided initial support, as they will be featuring Jeff in his first museum show in December of 2008.

Jeff Soto "Storm Clouds" : 8" x 10" : Portrait Size : Hard Cover : 154 Pages :
ISBN 0-9771430-8-2 :
$41.00 + shipping

There is also a Collector's Edition version of the book limited to 250 copies. Here is the info:

Jeff Soto's Special Edition includes a one-of-a-kind clam shell box with debossing, full color label and a signed and numbered print set that includes: 4 Signed and numbered prints, 1 cover sheet and 1 certificate of authenticity, packaged up in 1 protective envelope. And yes, the book will be signed and numbered to match the fine art edition of the prints, as well.
Jeff Soto "Storm Clouds" Fine Art Edition includes :
+ 1 Clam Shell Box : 11" x 8 ¾" x 1 ½"
+ 1 Jeff Soto "Storm Clouds" : 8" x 10" : Signed/Numbered : Hard Cover : 154 Pages : ISBN 0-9771430-8-2 :
+ 4 Archival Lithograph Prints "Water, Air, Fire, Earth," 7" x 9" printed 5 color + Deboss + Signed/Numbered
+ 1 Collector Card Print Cover Sheet, 7" x 9"
+ 1 Certificate of Authenticity, all measure 7" x 9" and will be packaged in one envelope.
+ This edition is limited to a quantity of 250.
+ The entire package will be carefully packed and protected by a custom corrugated box : All shipments will be priority shipped via FedEx Ground and available for shipping September 16

Price : $455.00 + $35.00 for shipping in the United States
$455.00 + $60-$70 for shipping outside of the US

Last but not least, I am doing a book signing with Chris Mars at the Laguna Beach Art Museum:

Sunday, September 14th, 3PM - 6PM
featuring: Jeff Soto- "Storm Clouds" and Chris Mars- "Tolerance"

Hosted by La Luz de Jesus and Murphy Fine Art Books
Laguna Fine Art Museum
307 Cliff Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Thanks!- Jeff


Robbie said...

I've already ordered the limited edition. Can't wait to get it!

shaunna said...

The bok looks incredible Jeff! Glad we got a chance to peruse it this weekend. Thanks for the good company on Saturday!

maura said...

wow - congratulations! the books look amazing. very cool! best to you. -m

luisabernardes said...

I've already known your works...reeeeally beautiful! I have one skull card in my refrigerator! now..luved your blog too...I gonna come back like...always ;)

le corbeau said...

SUPER!!!! un nouveau livre...
best to you

Springfish said...

Looking good! Can't wait to receive it!

Thanks again Jeff!

JamFactory said...


Is there anywhere i can pre-order the limited edition in the UK?

Many thanks!

Julita said...

Congrats! Will be picking up a copy myself!

Anonymous said...

Always remember Spain!. Come here for once in your life man!. :D.


Ash said...

I met Jeff today at Laguna Art Museum in California...coolest guy ever!!! He talked to me about art school and gave me advice while he doodled in my Storm Clouds book. Kudos upon kudos, Jeff. Good work. :)

CMR said...

Best Forward EVAR!


Dudehole said...

Awesome! Any chance the rest of the Brain Decay zines were in with the book shipment? Been checking the mailbox like a ferret on crystal meth every day for mine.

Congratulations on the book! Definitely will be picking one up.

i.n.galbraith said...

nice dude.

Adzmax said...

Lucky me me managed to track down what I reckon was the very last limited edition copy of your old book on-line and I love it! Just ordered a limited edition copy of your new book too! Take care Jeff :)

lola said...

mark has an amazing eye, this looks amazing :)

andy wilx said...

Want... Need... Must Have your new book Jeff.

When is it coming to the UK and will you be bringing it with you? Would love a limited limited with your sig.

Love the work.


andy wilx said...

Want... Need... Must Have your new book Jeff.

When is it coming to the UK and will you be bringing it with you? Would love a limited limited with your sig.

Love the work.


Tim said...

Awesome Jeff. Can't wait to see it. Congrats. / tels Brasil (005511) 50600518 /////////// Arg. (0261) 4300857 said...

Hola soy argentina, te escribo desde Brasil Sao Paulo, me encanta tu trabajo, siempre doy una vuelta por tu blog o tu página de donde tomo material para dar clases de filosofia del arte algunas veces.

El link para mi blog es espero que pases y dejes algun comentario, yo comence haciendo instalaciones y desde el 2006 empece a pintar pero he subido poca pintura al sitio...bueno gracias por tus imágenes...felicidades! PILA

Anonymous said...

Just got the book, Awesome! Intro is great, got a good laugh out of it.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your creation !! it's colorfull with a little dark side and most of all I love the vintage side !! it's very very beautiful and today I have became a fan of your creation !
Can you design me a tatoo ? with cadillac, 50's TV, gramophone, bird shadows, flowers, cinema and a lot of colorfull things ! lol no I'm kidding ! ^^