Monday, October 27, 2008

Turning In Circles

My next exhibit, "Turning In Circles" opens at the Riverside Art Museum Saturday, December 13th, 2008. This exhibit is made up of ideas and paintings from the last 12 months. There will be around 20 new paintings and I'm currently finishing a large 50' wall installation. I will post more as we get closer.

I'm happy to be doing a show in my hometown, and it's great that the Riverside Art Museum (RAM) has been involved with some very progressive exhibits in the last year- Barry McGee and Clare Rojas, Skullphone, Sea No Evil, Raymond Pettibon. I'm looking forward to this show and hoping to see everyone in December!

The Riverside Art Museum is located at: 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside CA 92501

Sales will be handled by Kinsey/DesForges Gallery. Please contact Jana DesForges for more info:



ac38 said...

Looking forward to the show! Sea No Evil had some cool stuff.

Adzmax said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see your work on line. Just wish it wasn't such a long trip from Aus to US hehe otherwise I'd be there in person! :)

Name[d] said...

Awesome. Now I wish I still lived in Covina so I could come out. Cannot wait to see this stuff online though.

Anonymous said...

jeff, that painting is going to be great, i can tell. lucky guy for having an opportunity to work so big! congrats on the upcoming show... can't wait to check it out.

steven said...

atrget Or gemco?
It looks like target!
If it is target you have to add the high red curb we all used to skate!
lookin great

marcus said...

damn that's a big ass painting!

Anonymous said...

sooooo i have a portfolio review tomorrooow!
this is the art school i have wanted to go to ever since i started middle school. i am incredibly nervous.
just wanted to stop by ans say how wonderful you are.
you were my inspiration for a lot of pieces.