Monday, November 03, 2008

Time to vote!

Here goes another election. It's Monday and who knows what will happen tomorrow. I'm rooting for Obama as you can see. He's in a good spot, but who knows what will happen. His supporters need to come out and actually vote! We put up some banners yesterday, I think Shepard's now iconic image looks a little odd surrounded by greenery, but it's very visible from the very busy street below. Derric and I also put up a larger banner on his place. Looks great from the street.

So I went down to vote early today at the Registrar of Voters in Moreno Valley. I have never seen turnout like this in an election! To my surprise the lines were long and the wait was 2 hours to vote. I saw many people leaving but most were staying and waiting. It seemed like those who were waiting around were either younger (possible first time voters) or minorities (African American, Hispanic). And there was a very positive air even though people were waiting for hours in the sun. I don't know if that makes much of a difference for Obama in little old Riverside County (since CA electorates are almost a given for Dems), but it could be seen as a sign of what's going on all over this country. Democratic voters are actually voting! Republicans ALWAYS vote. They will vote in small elections, the big ones, they will brave snow and rain, and they will vote well in advance so they don't have to worry about it on Election day. Democrats need to take note.

In any case, I had things to do today so I decided not to wait. Tomorrow I cast my vote, and I'll probably be waiting in a longer line but that's how it goes! I think the important thing is that we all have a vote and that's really the only way to exercise our opinions. Get out there and vote tomorrow!


Tim said...

Heya brotha...awesome Obama poster man. Good stuff!

I'll be voting with the moms and pops after I get off work in about an hour or so.

Perhaps we'll see or talk to yah tonight.

GOBAMA 08!!!

Adzmax said...

You guys would be amazed at the coverage the election is getting down here in Australia, and the good news is everyone I speak to down here is all for Obama also. It's time for a change I say and I reckon Obama is a change in the right direction for the US.

Personally from what I read and see on TV I just think it would be nice to see a leader with a multicultural background who can actually point to a county on the map let alone make good forign policy and someone who is well educated and intelligent! I NEVER liked Bush…uuugh.

luvyatoo said...

Yea! I was out & in line to vote at 6:00 A.M., straight up. I did my civic duty & got on the news. Woo!