Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Turning In Circles opening

Thanks everyone who came out to my museum exhibit last Saturday. Man, I had a blast. So many good friends came out, so much family, lot of warm fuzzy feelings in that room, lotta love. The show is up until February 21st, so if you find yourself in the area, swing by: Riverside Art Museum,3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, CA.

I didn't get any good opening photos, but here is some coverage online:

Arrested Motion

Beautiful Decay


Press Enterprise

Here's all the pieces from the show. Much of it is for sale, and I don't know what's been sold- contact Kinsey/DesForges Gallery for a list of available work. If you click on the images they will show up much bigger:

Working on Art Basel blog part 2... and enjoying the So Cal rain/snow storm we're having...


steven said...

Beautifull work man I love the gemco piece.
I am going to see it on my way back from san diego after christmas.
Maybe we can meet up for coffee!
take care homie!

Haven said...

Incredible stuff Jeff. Hopefully you've got a piece or two in mind to become prints.

Anna said...

amazing. so sad i can't make it down south to see. bring it up to SF. :D

De'May said...

Oh you have no idea how much I wish I wasn't in australia to see that!

Anonymous said...

amazing work, please please please please release "Love Can Surpass All Obstacles"

I kind of feel like your most amazing pieces never become prints, so PLEASE, I really really want that one!

Seth Russell said...

Wow, seriously great stuff Jeff. Seeing all of these great pieces makes me wish I didn't live all the way in Ohio, land of the artistic black hole. Always look forward to checking out your new art. Great stuff!

Ethan said...

I really like these, you outdid yourself. I agree with Haven, I hope you saved a couple to become prints.

be_are_why said...

Not sure if we ever crossed paths. I taught at Art Center for 5 years {1993 - 1998} before moving to NYC. I taught in the computer Dept. and had most of the Illustration students. Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park was a former student.

The work at the Riverside show is amazing.

Just curious.

adios, Bryan Rackleff

Mike Lewis said...

Amazing work once again!

Oh, how I love the Black death of a USA.

ana said...

hey jeff, the show looks amazing. congratulations! sorry we couldn't make it down to the opening :( hopefully, I can catch it during next month!

Crazyfists-Follower said...

hey on your website its says your doing something in london sometime next year...when do we get dates?

Also got your book for christmas, its awesome...i really want the first one, is there really no copies ANYWHERE..theres no need for limited publishing!!

Ivan's blog said...

the show was amazing, It is so great to have a jeff soto show in our home town. Ive already been to the museaum 3 times.


Anonymous said...

I just went and it was mind blowing. I came across this today and I'm hoping you were commissioned to do it because if not someone owes you some money

Anonymous said...

hey jeff,

happy new year, wishing you and your family much love happiness and success this year.

sorry i didn't make it out to basel we could have hung out. maybe next year if you go, u can come over for dinner haha.

your big fan from florida.


Matthew Smith said...

Stunning work! psyched for the next show in NYC!

Brian said...

Man you are good haha. Like yours very much. Too bad i'm from Indonesia. It's so far away to see your pieces!! Man. Congrats.