Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Image Art 15 Year Anniversary Show

I'm honored to be a part of this show and glad I'm part of New Image Art's history. I first showed at NIA in 2000, and time has flown by since then! The opening is January 24th, 2009. New Image Art is located at 7910 Santa Monica Blvd, in Los Angeles. My piece for the show is above- "Matterhorn", 36" x 36, acrylic on wood, 2009.


Jesse Smith said...


Anonymous said...

hey jeff the new work is beautiful.

i miss the robots haha but you've definetly changed for the better. your work as a whole is just so much more intricate and detailed.

well besides that, i should finish my sleeve next month. found out my tattoo artist is moving so i'm rushing in to finishi got about 3 sittings so when i finally finish and it heals i'll send you the pics.

anyways have a great weekend :)

josh from south florida.

CMR said...

That's rad as hell. Out of all the place you dragged me to, I love that place the most. They have mad integrity.

Snag me one of those t-shirts!

Em said...

Mr Crabs' eyestalks!