Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jeff Soto "Lifecycle" at Jonathan Levine Gallery, June 26, 2010

I'm currently working on my newest body of work for my NYC show in late June 2010. This work is a little more personal and emotional to me than some of the past subjects I have painted.

The show is about growing mentally and physically, becoming an adult, seeing your parents age and seeing your children start to sprout. It's about living and dieing, love, anger, joy, pain, things that bring us good times and bad times. All the fucked up and beautiful things that happen between taking your first breath and your last.

I will always love painting, and I'm having fun working on these pieces, but after this show I'll be taking a break. This will be my last exhibit for a long time.

After this show I will be keeping busy. I have some museum exhibits in the works, I'm planning some large scale murals, I am going to explore print making further, and I'm looking into taking some of my characters and worlds into the realm of entertainment (anyone know any Hollywood contacts? email me..). And of course I will still be painting the whole time, experimenting and pushing myself. Having fun..

Here is more info:

Jeff Soto solo exhibit at Jonathan Levine Gallery
Opens June 26th- July 24th, 2010

Potential buyers should send an email to: sales@jonathanlevinegallery.com to get on the preview list.

I will have more info as we get closer...


Emmanuel said...

Drat. I was hoping it would be in near Riverside, so I could go check it out. Congrats and best wishes.

alex said...

come to Paris to do a hughe mural ! .. :-)
i prepare mine too for end of may !
keep good painting for the show

Adam Nightingale said...

Pumped you've got new works coming but also depressed that I fly out for the US on July 24th, the day your show closes :(

alxart said...

Hey Jeff,
I was great meeting you in Melbourne last year, looks like you're still keepin' busy :) Let me know if you make it up to SF anytime!