Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Soto mailing list!

I'm starting anew with my mailing list. Over the past 10 years I have amassed a clunky 10,000+ person email list and it's time to start fresh. Over a THIRD of the emails bounce back in some way and many are just outdated or duplicates. So it's time to start over and keep things more accurate.

If you're interested in receiving email updates from me and my official store, potatostamp.com, please send an email to: mailinglist@jeffsoto.com with "Mailing List" in the subject.

We will add you in and make sure you get news of print releases, upcoming shows, toys, book signings and other events. We only send a handful of updates per year, so we won't be clogging your inbox with too much junk. Our updates will come from either jeff@jeffsoto.com or jeffsoto@earthlink.net, please make sure to allow both to come through, as a few people have told me my emails are flagged as spam!

If you've ordered anything from www.potatostamp.com in the last couple of years you should already be on the new list, but we'd like it if you would email us anyways just to make sure things are accurate.

With a more focused list we'll be better able to give fans higher priority and first dibs when we release new prints, and we hope to do some fun things like contests for sold out prints or giveaways of things we have laying around the office. There's a lot of things coming up this year- toys, exhibits, prints, collaborations, and secret projects in the works. Get on the list!!



Unknown said...

Alright but only because you promised no spam. lol j/k

Adam Nightingale said...

w00t! Mailing list - best thing ever for hot of the press info :D

BIO said...

hey jeff, check out http://constantcontact.com or http://myemma.com for large emails....easy to manage your subscribers, follow activity, erase invalid contacts, etc.