Monday, March 14, 2011

Eddie Vedder Screenprint

I was asked to design a poster for Eddie Vedder's Australian solo tour. I have a deep love for Australia- the people, the culture, the wildlife; I had a wonderful time visiting and can't wait to go back. I wanted this poster to reflect Eddie Vedder's rich acoustic storytelling mixed with elements of Brisbane and my own personal observations of Australia.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm continuing to try new techniques in screenprinting and feeling more confident. I know the actual printing is a somewhat mechanical process, so I continue to hand draw as much as I can on my light table.

"Eddie Vedder- Brisbane, Australia" Screen print
18" x 24", 6 colors, artist's signed/numbered edition of 100
$50 + shipping

For sale Thursday, March 17th at noon PST at

I'm also working on the Sotofish2 print and it should be released sometime in early April. It is quite a bit different from SF1!! Stay tuned...


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Beautiful! Your line is so elegant, and the blue is lovely!