Thursday, October 19, 2006

As many in L.A. know, the infamous Jonathan Levine has been in town. He doesn't make it to the west coast all that often, so when he's out he likes to see a little of everything. Galleries, art openings, lectures, he's had a full schedule out here and even had time to spend a day with me in Riverside.

For those who aren't familiar with J. Levine, he's an art dealer, owner of Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY. He used to have a smaller gallery in Philadelphia called Tin Man Alley a couple years ago. He's got at least 80 dance moves (was a semi-pro breakdancer), is a sewing prodigy, and has a great eye when it comes to art. He's a real character, and those who have spent some time with him know him as a good guy, fun and tough mixed together somehow. I think this sounds like I'm kissing some ass here but he's one of the art dealers who took a chance on me early when I was barely out of school and though I didn't sell any work for a while he stuck with me.

So Saturday night was a show he curated with Jonathan Viner, A.J. Fosik, Ray Caesar, and Dan Kennedy. I love all those artists so Jennifer, Shannon and I made the trek out to Bergamot Station to see the work in person. The show didn't disappoint. Well except that I wanted to meet Dan Kennedy. A.J. Fosik was there and he was cool as hell. Great meeting that guy, and his work was dope. Viner was also there but I was sick of seeing him after driving him around LA (kidding!).

A.J. Fosik and Jonathan Viner

The crowd- Jonathan Levine is in there somewhere...

Shannon decided to lay down on the gallery floor. No idea why, all I know is babies are awesome.

Dan Kennedy painting

Jonathan Viner painting, makes me want to start working in oils again..

The next day my dad brought over my old bike, we put it beside the garbage for whoever wanted it. I wonder if I'll ever see it again?

On Tuesday Jonathan Levine and Mark Murphy came out to my studio for a visit. Jonathan wanted to see Twin Palms which is a vacant field where as a kid I used to do graffiti. So I took them around town and Jonathan made a film. Apparently he's a filmaker now. I think he's documenting his whole trip- check his gallery blog next week.

Damn, one month till my show at BLK/MRKT opens. Gotta get movin'.


Mr.Letterman said...

These posts reminds of that group of myths that, years ago used to hang out together. I´m talking about Dalí, Buñuel, García Lorca... . They all were friends and they all were amazing!. In other words and world, you all remind me of that.

springfish said...

I love that little New Hope bastard. Tell him to sell me his new Ryden print before I get mad! ;)

Can't wait for the BLK/MRKT show!

Anonymous said...

Still check for updates on your blog pretty much every day brotha.

Those pics of Twin Palms bring back A LOT of memories...running around as a kid and such. Looks like you took a picture about 50 ft. of where Jason practically bit off his tongue overshooting that dirt bike jump we built out there. I wonder if the trail of blood is still all over the sidewalk :O

Keep the blogs coming dude!

Viner said...

Holy crap, Jeff, you're a blogging maniac! I still haven't blogged my trip yet...gotta get on that soon. Going around to galleries and Camille's with you was the highlight of my LA visit. Thanks again, and break a leg at your BLK/MRKT show!

Memo Pisa el Lodo said...

Seeing pictures of my old neighborhood (around Twin Palms) makes me cry. Just a little.

&%; = lainey said...

whoa that jonathan viner piece is sick! what gallery is that at?