Friday, October 20, 2006

My intern Aaron Mason has an art show tonight. Check it out if you're in the area!

Ghosts- The Art of Aaron Mason
Opening reception Oct. 20, 7pm
Black Iris Gallery and Tattoo Studio
14755 Foothill Dr., Fontana, CA 92335



Mr.Letterman said...

Good luck Aaron. :).

Anonymous said...

hey i was just wondering if u watch the show hereos, with the guy who can paint the future...

the art and the show are pretty bad-Ass

crazykaren said...

hey Jeff:)

I just got a new blog here so check it out whenever u have time:)

and no, I am not copier:P
just this website is free and I dont have to find picture hosting website for stuff..

btw, I know your show is comming up pretty soon..cant wait to see it:) good luck!

P.S. I was looking for ur blog here and I typed in
and it came out with another guy's blog( i thought it was you so i actually left the same comment!!):P
and finally i realized it wasnt you.. smart I am...

Ziomal said...

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