Thursday, August 31, 2006

Just workin'...
For those who don't know my next solo show is at BLK/MRKT gallery in Culver City. It opens November 18, 2006. It's called "Cold Ice Age" That's the main thing I've been working on these days, and I'll start posting some pictures and in-progress shots.

Been doing some new stuff on paper- acrylic washes on Arches paper. It's real heavy duty paper I bought way back when I was a student, I think it's for print making (or maybe watercolor). Anyways, it's a nice change- paper is less forgiving so more of a challenge. I'm also working on some canvases for the first time in years. I still love painting on wood but you gotta change it up sometimes. Don't want things getting stagnant. I'll try to get some pics up here....

Pieces in progress- I like to hang them on the wall to get a good look from across the room. The Arches paper has a strange scent when it gets wet. I don't like it. I also have to re-flatten the paper when they're done so they can be properly framed.

When I work on a solo show I usually start by writing things out- jotting down notes, ideas, concepts, goals, and pin it all up so I can reference things while working on the sketches. The sketches are loose, I leave a lot of it to be determined on the piece as I react to colors and values. I like to work on all the sketches together so the whole concept of the show flows well into each piece. I also usually make a floorplan so I know how much work I should be aiming for.

Here's the fat cap Dunny I'm supposed to have finished. Geez, I've been swamped and I totally screwed that up, thought the event was October for some reason. Kid Robot's gonna hate me. I'll still finish it and give it to them for their next event.

Finally let the mylar ballon from Shannon's party free. Jennifer says whales sometimes eat these things and it kills them. True?? She wanted me to pop it instead but I guess the little kid in me just had to watch it rise into the sky.

Shannon fell asleep while eating! Guess she had a long day!

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And, uh, I'll leave you with THIS, wow. Lots of pictures and some scaaary stuff. Whoa, female to male sexual reassignment...


Smivey said...

Wow. Thanks for the preview of what's to come. It's nice to see all the work that goes into your pieces. I'll have to check out your November show.

Brice said...

very cool stuff. I liked how you explained the process you go through with your sketches and notes.

shawn said...

Me too. I liked the inside look on the thought process. Also cool to see early stages of a piece like in that first picture.

Oh- I'm digging the fat cap Dunny. Nice idea.

Souther Salazar said...

hey thanks jeff...i've been enjoying and checking out your blog too. it reads a lot like a conversation with you, which is nice. good to see the new work taking shape...

bazooka radio said...

I think Arches is watercolour paper. My printmaking teacher told us to not use it. Too bumpy(?)

Apparently whales and seals and fish and stuff do eat those suckers up. They pop and fall in the ocean I think? I agree it's fun to watch them fly away though.

the chung said...


Mr.Letterman said...

Wow, I would love to say I´m fascinated about those prints and the way you make them and all of this but after going to "this" and seeing the Secondary Labia Reconstruction, I find no words to express myself. O_O. :D.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your creative process. You da man. Fat Cap Dunny, eh? Sick!

S-14 said...

i recognise the inside of your studio. Is it located near bear design in temecula?

please be friendly said...

Really interesting to see your work in progress. Makes me wish I was more hands on with... I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't resist clicking "this".

jds said...

Is there a reason you're researching gender reassignment, hmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

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