Friday, August 25, 2006

Nothing exciting going on, just working on my November show. Felt like posting some very random images from my iPhoto files...

Construx rule. Anyone remember these? I still like to build with them. And you can find big lots of them on eBay.

Bathroom at CBGB's NYC. Nice privacy with the toilet there, and up high kinda like a throne.

My dad with a sick crow. They found it gasping in the gutter, we wondered if it had Bird Flu.

When my Grandpa Jim passed away four years ago we found these hidden guns when we had to go through his stuff. I miss him.

See the lizard hanging out? Camoflage in action at Joshua Tree. Nature is pretty cool.

Brother Jesse with gigantic bloody gash, Morro Rock in the Sequoias.

The best Star Wars costume ever. Low tech Fett. Comicon (2003 I think).

Mummified Bobcat at Grand Canyon Caverns in Arizona. Poor kitty fell into the deep cave and broke it's femur (compound fracture). The cold conditions of the cave mummified it.

Downtown Los Angeles seen from a flight to Portland. I like how you can see the ocean. L.A. is huge.

Bellpeppers and onions are always good. And pertyful.



Anonymous said...

That's funny, I use the same kind of black pepper (McCormicks)!

Keep on bloggin' in a free world.

Wings said...


Es lo único que puedo decirte en inglés para traducir la sorpresa que fué encontrar este blog... me parece del carajo!

bazooka radio said...

Construx rules man. I was always happy that the cockpits and stuff would fit GI Joes so you could build your own GI Joe vehicles.

Rock and roll dude!

stevendaily said...

bazookaradio hit the nail on the head.
I always liked the blue pannels that they came with I had countless hours of fun with construx way into my teens!

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