Monday, August 07, 2006

My last post was mostly family stuff, interesting to me but maybe kinda boring to those of you looking for art related stuff. Well here are two quick things-

I was in our local newspaper, the Press Enterprise last Thursday. It was pretty cool, I've had my work in a lot of magazines here and there and all around the world, but I guess there's something special about being recognized in your own community.

The article was pretty good, she interviewed Mark Murphy, Jonathan Levine, and Dayna Mason, and they all had nice things to say. The one thing I wasn't into was this line, "Soto, a balding, James Gandolfini look-alike..." The balding part is true (and doesn't bug me) but do I really look like Gandolfini? I'm only 31. I mean hey, she's a reporter and has to call it like she sees it I guess...
Full text is available at: I don't know you may have to log in to see it (I think they want your email address).

The other thing I wanted to post is a clip from the upcoming film "The Run Up".

The Run Up- Jeff Soto clip

It's kinda like Dithers part 2, from Upper Playground. They interviewed me last year and I can't wait to see all the artists interviews. Gonna be a rad movie. Here is the description:

The Run Up DVD:
Featuring twenty-six of the most eminent artists of today, The Run Up is a visual and historical representation of contemporary art. The DVD is composed of one-on-one interviews with the artists that depict their personal journeys in finding their artistic style as well as creating a space for themselves within the art world.

I'm glad to be a part of it. Wonder when it comes out?


Anonymous said...

great article on there... your definetly awesome hope more great things start heading your way... i have a tattoo of some of your artwork and i plan on getting another in the next week to help complete a sleeve if u'd like a picture i'd be happy to send it to you

we've chatted once before on there

Memo Pisa el Lodo said...

you can probably pass for james gandolfini if the person looking at you was on crack and blinking really fast. other than that i don't see it.

Anonymous said...

saw the movie yesterday when I was checking out youtube for the first time. Its the first time that I get to hear what you sound like. Normal. Looks to be a good film. I like Docs. more now than most movies.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the Soto tattoo-teaKEY

Jeff Soto said...

Thanks Memo Pisa el Lodo. I like what you have to say. No one I know thinks I look like Gandolfini in person.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Letterman talking (It doesn´t allow me to get into my account).

I want one of those DVDs and... I NEED TO SEE A STEP-BY-STEP PAINTING!!!. :D.

dave kassirer said...

I just got my soto-tat and if you guys wanna check it out its at

tell me what you think.