Friday, December 14, 2007

Miami Art Basel- Day 2 (Saturday)

Friday was mind numbing as far as amount of artwork viewed by my eyes, and today would be no different. You sorta get numb to it all after a while, and a piece really has to move you or be substantially different to get noticed. There is soo much art.

I was a bit confused myself at first so for those who don’t know, “Art Basel” is a catch-all phrase for all the art events in Miami that go on that weekend. Art Basel itself is at the Miami Convention Center, and is the main show (or at least started out as the main show). I guess the name stuck, and the whole event is called Art Basel. The other art fairs take place at different venues, mostly hotels where rooms are turned into art galleries.

Being my first time I thought the art events were confined to the peninsula town of Miami Beach where I was staying. I quickly found out there were art fairs pretty much all over mainland Miami, so many in fact that it’s pretty much impossible to see it all.

I decided for my first trip to stay close and see as much as possible, including Art Basel proper at the convention center. I started my day at Bridge Art fair with pal James Jean. Saw these nice Marcel Dzama pieces.

Had brunch with James, Gary Baseman, Marion Peck and Mark Ryden. Super nice people all around.

Then James and I were off to Art Basel.....

Taylor McKimmens. Wow! Always inspirational to me....

Barry McGee of course

Some Swoon magic....

Unknown artist but beautiful cut outs....

Diamond dust Damien Hirst print

Lari Pittman!

Ryden’s new piece (I showed this to Shannon and she said, “Puppy! Awww so cute.”

Lisa Yuskavage

Kara Walker

Never knew Warhol did a Mogwai piece...

A Man Ray painting. Interesting image, I'm more familiar with his photography.

Ed Templeton

More random shots of work I liked....

Afterwards, I went out to the beach again. Nature really outshines all the excess and partying that was taking place (at least for me). I think after so much visual stimulation it’s important to breathe and refresh, like drinking some water in between bites of flavorful foods. It’s a quiet and serene place, pretty much the opposite of the rest of the evening!

There was a big dinner party that started off smallish and kept growing. The Clayton Bros. were there, Jamie O’Shea, Evan Cerasoli and Freddi C, Biskup, Baseman, Ryden and Marion Peck, plus alot more; it was a nice evening. And the food kept flowing in which is always good.

Walking over to Jamie O’Shea’s Supertouch party...

At the party....

Jamie and I, yeah I look a little crazed..

Andrew and Andrew were DJing.

Marsea Goldberg is awesome...

David Choe, me with lollipop (why not, the bar had them everywhere), Sam (of Friends With You) and Mr. James Jean.

After party dessert fun with Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Mark Murphy, and Colin and Sas Christian.

Another long day. Day 3 (Sunday) coming soon...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Art Basel Miami- Day 1 (Friday)

This was my first time seeing the craziness that is known as Art Basel, and also my first time in the state of Florida. I had a late flight getting into Miami the night before, and I guess I was still (and would remain) on California time. Scion flew me out along with a bunch of other artists for their big group show. They put us up in the Shelbourne hotel right on the beach. Woke up to this out my window:

Then 30 minutes later it was pouring. Such is Miami.

The first stop was an interview by Evan Cerasoli for the Scion project. When I was getting there Mike Giant was just finishing up and Blek le Rat was up next. Blek had an interesting story and they got an excellent interview from him. I don’t think mine was nearly as good, I'm still a little uncomfortable in front of the camera but I'm working on it.

Then off into the rain and humidity to see Mark Murphy’s booth at the Art Now fair.

Some work by Matt Haber.

Rob Bellm’s piece.

My favorite from Mark’s booth, A.J. Fosik’s piece.

An Esther Pearl Watson piece Jennifer and I bought.

Also at Art Now- Grant Barnhart at Limited Addiction’s booth. Never heard of this artist but like the work.

Ran into painter Oliver Vernon and artist/new dad Mars-1.

The staff at White Walls SF’s booth.

Before the Scion show I went out to the beach to check it out and take a breather from the noise and crowds. I was feeling a little over stimulated from seeing so much art. I think I had as much fun walking in the sand as walking around the art fairs.

The Scion show at the Ralegh penthouse....

Ron English Scion ride...

Blek Le Rat balloon

Debra Anderson and Ron English

My balloon swaying in the wind...

Some of the art in the show....


London Police

James Jean

Blek le Rat

Freddi C. and Evan Cerasoli

Then off for some authentic Cuban food with James Jean and Mark Murphy. I think after not eating all day, we all ordered too much food. Good but filling.

Then there was a party curated by Francesco LoCastro, called Vanguard.

Another dope A.J. Fosik.

An older Barry McGee piece (I wonder if he was okay with them showing this??)

Alex Gross

Sas Christian

Grant Barnhart again.

Kirsten Anderson and Mark Murphy.

Colin Christian sculpture.

Then I went to the hotel exhausted. Had a nice intro to Miami...
Day 2 coming soon...