Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Props

Every year I get free stuff from artist friends, colleagues and fans, it works out because I give a lot of things away as well. Spreading good vibes. Here's some of the loot I received, and some props for the homies...

Above is a Cat Cult poster.... one of my favorite things I got in the mail this year.

Deph is an old friend and fellow graf writer. Hooked me up with this rare Kid Robot toy.

A Fairey print from the Sea No Evil show. Thanks Derric, Erin, and Shepard! Come check it out next year.

Traded some stuff with Andy at Diesel Fuel. Bad ass Aaron Horkey and Jim Phillips prints! The detail is crazy...

Bwana Spoons is an all around cool guy, always hooks me up at the Comicon, a very good fellow he is!

Juxtapoz Dark Arts- I'm in this book, so they sent me a copy, so it's not really a hook up proper. I thought it could get kinda cheesy, like all heavy metal album cover looking, but it's a pretty well rounded book. Great selection of image makers in here. Honored to be included.

My homie Maxx242 always hooks me up with his Bearbrick collabs with Zac Pac. We are working on our own Maxx242/Soto/Zac Pac Bearbrick two pack for 2010... stay tuned...

Thanks Titty City, I like your zine!

Todd Schorr's new book. Todd is awesome. That's all I can say.

Thanks to everyone else who sent me stuff that I didn't get pics of - stickers, prints, books (M. Murphy, D. Choe, Travis + Mel, Chris Ryniak, Cafe Press...) ... you guys make it fun to check the mail when it's usually all bills coming in!

One last 2009 prop- props to my three lovely ladies for putting up with all my art craziness. It has been a tough year in some ways- two solo art exhibits, travelling, and having a baby(!!) but I am so happy! You guys are the best.

Alright, stay tuned for more blogging from Miami. I took some 600 photos and still haven't went through them all......

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Miami Bound

I am off to Miami- here is where you can see my art...

1. Mini show at Scope with Jonathan Levine Gallery.

2. CHIMERA curated by David Hunt also at Scope.

3. Two pieces at Mark Murphy at Aqua (booth 44).

4. Primary Flight art exhibit at South Miami ArtCenter.

5. I'll be painting a wall on NW 2nd Ave x NW 36 St. this Friday as part of Primary Flight. Come say hi!