Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jeff Soto- "The Black Keys- France 2012" Screenprint

The Black Keys are a great band that I've enjoyed for a number of years now. I was asked to do a poster for the French leg of their tour. Having experienced not only Paris, but smaller and friendlier Lyon last year, I wanted to give the people of France another taste of my work, and hopefully a nice poster to commemorate the show.

The inspiration was sculptural works I got to see in France, in particular those celebrating the French Revolution. I designed the poster loosely as a representation of Marie Antoinette's head. I wanted it to be beautiful and sculptural, and maybe just a bit tragic. I don't know where the Black Key's music fits in, but to me, it works well. There is something tragic in their music, there's passion and angst and sexiness, and I tried to put all that in.

The lettering was inspired by the fonts used in the Paris Metro. I couldn't believe them the first time I saw them. It reminded me of 60's era hippy letters, but older looking. I think my friends in Paris take it for granted that they're surrounded by this beautiful old design work. I live on the west coast, so we never see any signs that old!

This is a five color 18" x 24" screenprint on Cream Speckletone paper. Printed in Chino, CA at Inhouse Printing.

There will be three color variants available:

"Jaune" (Light yellow background)
The standard colored prints that were available at the shows.
Edition of 200 (much less will be available)

"Pourpre" (Purple background)
Edition of 25, less available.
$70 + shipping

"Vert" (Lime green background)
Edition of 10, less available.
$100 + shipping

These will be available on www.potatostamp.com on Wednesday, January 25th at 1pm PST.