Monday, July 28, 2008

Comicon 2008 recap

A year went by in a flash, it felt like I was just here. This year was about the same as last but I walked around a lot less, the crowds were worse, and my pictures were more horrible than normal. Also I think it's time to rename it "Pop Culture Con". It's more about movies, TV networks, and video games nowadays- and for the area we had our booth in, it was all about vinyl toys. Comics seemed to be an afterthought which is sorta sad. But anyways, I took some photos, saw some old friends and made some new ones. Here's some shots....

Me leaving Riverside at 4am.

Sleestak. Shannon was freaked out by this and any other large sculpture or dude in a costume.

Souther Salazar and Matt Furie

Superhero show curated by Mark Murphy... Thursday night...

The Modlins played...

Joel Nakamura's piece.

Joel and Mark Todd

Daniel Lim's superhero

Chris Ryniak met his skate hero Andy Howell.

Chris' piece

Attaboy and his brother

Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas

Mark Murphy's piece.

NYC gangsta Regino Gonzales' invisible man painting.

Levon Jihanian

Kristian Olsen and Mark Todd.

Maxx242's Can't Stop Kid.

Esther Pearl Watson and Chris Ryniak help me assemble my new Brain Decay Zine (Chris said " Great now you're gonna take that picture, put it on your blog and say you made us your bitch"). Nah. Thanks for the help!

Tara McPherson holds a copy of my new book. We sold out of the 100 we had but the big shipment is coming, they'll be available in a couple weeks.

I think they were Judge Dredd characters??



One of my favorite stories from back in the day.. The Watchmen!

Souther and some dude in a wicker hat.

Mark Murphy and my dad.

O.G. Grumpy puppet.

Jermaine Rogers was busy the whole time. Thanks for letting me borrow some clips!

The dude from Secret Headquarters in L.A.

I bet they have sex in these costumes. They probably cuddle and purrr. I'm grossed out.


Maxx242, Kazuhiro and that dude again.

Andy brought his beautiful family.

Maxx242 signing for fans.

Found drawn in a bathroom stall.

Gooby and Miss F!

Maxx242 busting out some letters in a fan's blackbook.
Thomas Han and that guy again.

Hotel hijinks.

MexicoMan or ItalyMan with sombrero?

The Chung has something he wants you to know...

Beware the Centaur ghost. Keep your chastity belt locked!

Stay thirsty my friends.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Comicon Schedule

It’s probably too late for this (Comicon starts tonight) but here goes. There is a lot going on this time at the Comicon, and we’re scrambling! I’m sharing a booth with Murphy Art Books, find us at booth #4833.

That's my piece (above) for the Superhero show on Thursday. I’ll have two portfolios of small originals on paper, mostly drawings and color comps and will also be bringing some larger one-off monoprints. Please inquire at the booth if interested. I’m also bringing some prints- 5 artist’s proofs of my sold out Springbees litho, a few random sold out prints, and my new “Beast Within” giclee. My new zine, “Brain Decay” will debut Friday and last but not least, we just got 100 advanced copies of my new book “Storm Clouds” rushed from the printer. I’m psyched!

We have added Maxx242 into the lineup. He’s fresh back from Japan where his Zac Pac Be@rbrick had it’s debut. He is bringing 25 of these rare collectibles to the states and they’ll be for sale exclusively at our booth. He will also have his new zine “Never Dead” available.

Mark Murphy’s newest book, “Oil” will be available, as well as some of his original line drawings. He will be signing and sketching throughout the convention.

Schedule of Events- Murphy Art Books, Booth No. 4833

Thursday July 24
*Jeff Soto will be signing his new book Storm Clouds from 1 to 2:30 PM
*Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas will be signing their new book Ghosts and Martyrs from 3 PM to 4:30 PM

*SuperHero Exhibition and Party, 7 to 12 PM
Warehouse Space : 1616 National Avenue : San Diego : 92113
featuring Live Music : The Modlins and SSI
Sponsored by Effen Vodka, HiFructose, Ninthlink, Murphy Art Books

Friday, July 25
*Come by and say hi as we eat convention center hamburgers with floatation device sized buns.

Saturday, July 26
*Jeff Soto will be signing his new book Storm Clouds at 11 – 12:30pm and 2 – 3:30pm
*Maxx242 will be drawing and signing his new zine “Never Dead” and ZAC PAC Be@rbrick from 4-5:30pm
*Top secret Mark Murphy Rager house party

Sunday, July 27
*Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters will be signing their new book, “Ghosts and Martyrs” from 11– 12:30pm

Some of my monoprints available: