Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fall 2010

Fall 2010 shot by like a whirlwind. I had travel, conferences or family happenings every single weekend from July to November. Somehow I ended up with three business trips to NYC which is fine by me, I love the big ol' apple and Fall is an excellent time to visit. I went to Japan with Maxx (upcoming blog entry) and ended it all with a trip to Miami. Hoping to slow down in 2011! But not too slow... here's some pictures...

Nacho got sick. Vet bills blow.

Shannon started kindergarten.

We went apple and berry picking with the Carillos.

Babytattooville in October. Great fun like always. Some real legends and innovators in the mix this year.

Shannon thought this might be Ronald McDonald's fat brother.

Photoshoot for The Seeker.

We got a puppy. What were we thinking!? He is actually a very good boy, but the first month was pretty tough.

The start of a large painting for Singha, ended up painting over this and trying something different.

Halloween at the Sotos...

Hung out with my brother in-law Ralph in NYC.

Regino working on my tattoo design.

Rikers Island from the plane.

NYC as seen from New Jersey.

Kidlets very happy to see their daddy home!

Back to NYC for the fourth time this year. I feel like I live there sometimes. Took my brother Tim. Hopefully rubbing the brass nutz will bring us luck in 2011.

Back home....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Black Book Sessions

I am one of the judges for the Black Book Sessions art contest, which takes place Saturday January 22 at Westwood College in Anaheim. There's three age categories between 9 and 25, and no entry fees. Check it out:

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Miami 2010

Got into Miami a bit early and left early before all the art openings really started to go off. Kinda bummed I didn't get to see a single art fair, but I guess I was more interested in painting this year.

I was asked to add a mural to the Wynwood Walls project that was started last year. I brought Maxx242 out to help and to paint with him on a separate wall.

Found the sticker wall..

We surveyed my wall.

Climbed a giant snail..

I always catch lizards wherever I go.

My friend Alexone

Lister was seemingly everywhere at all times...

Our PT cruiser on steroids rental.

More pissed off lizards. Man I got lizard catchin' skilllzzzz....

Logan Hicks showed up and got to work next to us.

Almost finished..

RIME is badass!

Pocket contents (minus cell)...

Went bombing and painted some dumb shit late at night...

Finished mural.

More wall pirates.

I need gloves.

Last full day we got to work on our collab.

Risky showed up.

Art openings in Wynwood.

Early morning graf flicks on the way to the airport. We pretty much left before anyone finished.

It looked like a double sunset mushroom cloud over L.A.