Monday, September 26, 2011

Goodbye old studio, thanks for the memories!

In October 2005, just a few months after we had our first daughter, I leased an industrial space near our small apartment. It was a pretty big decision for Jennifer and I, it was another bill (several) and another responsibility for us- already under pressure with a two month old baby! 
It ended up being the right move- I‘d been working on our kitchen table or driving across town to work in my parent’s garage. We had moved into a two room apartment but there was still no room to work. I found a nice 1000 sq/ft industrial warehouse type shop with a small office in front. I got the idea from seeing the Clayton Brother’s studio a few years before. The place was big enough, versatile and had plenty of storage space, with large walls, a roll up door and high ceilings. It was perfect, and I got right to work.
I’m a little sad to leave when I look back at all the exhibits and paintings I worked on at this space, not to mention how my life has changed the past six years. It’s been a pretty cool/strange/awesomely/fucked up/rad six years! 
Now I’ve moved into a great new space with friends. The new studio has everything the old one has with more support and camaraderie. Gonna be a new adventure and I’m hoping to get many years of great work accomplished here. But I’ll keep in my heart my little studio which helped me get off the ground!!
Here’s some pictures over the years....

Pearl Jam Montreal posters

I had some trouble getting these posters online from my hotel in France last week. I'm back and they'll go up this week on consecutive days- for people that would like to try for both. Go to 

Pearl Jam- Montreal 2011 (Purple color way)
Available Wednesday, September 28, 2011, noon California time
Signed and numbered artists edition of 100 (less will be available)
$65 + shipping

Pearl Jam- Montreal 2011 (Green color way)
Available Thursday, September 29, 2011, noon California time
Signed and numbered artists edition of 20 (less will be available). Super rare...
$120 + shipping

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jarritos Flavor City Winner!!

I was involved with this contest and here's the winner! Oscar Meza of San Diego....

First Place- Oscar Meza
Age: 28
Hometown: San Diego
Occupation: Student

“What inspired my piece started off as some sketches on a pad. Being that Jarritos was founded in Mexico, I wanted my illustration to reflect that authenticity. It almost felt obvious to incorporate a Luchador. I wasn’t sure who I was drawing at the time; but ironically, some of my friends said that the character kind of looked like me.” 
“Wining this competition has made my year. It is such an honor to have been chosen amongst the other great competitors. I feel very lucky and humble to have won. Winning the year supply of Jarritos has made my belly smile, and having my art published has fed my artistic ego. But to my surprise, the best part of winning thus far is making my friends and family proud!”

Here's a link to the rest of the winners.. congrats all.....