Monday, April 23, 2012

Richmond Virginia street art festival 2012!

Here's some photos from last week's RVA festival. 

My finished piece... an Owl for Grandpa Barney 

Hense in front of his wall.

Richard Colman collab with Dalek and Pose was pretty damn cool.  

Richard Colman finished piece.

Pose and Dalek paint the stretch Suburban. 

Pose and Vizie's corner looked amazing.

 Hamilton Glass

Hense finished piece. One of my favs.

Mickael Broth and his skateboarding/James River inspired piece.

Ed Trask with his son. 

Needed a break and found the Museum of the Confederacy. Pretty cool and scary time in our history.

Found this baby Mockingbird

I hate the small scary jets!! But happy to get home...