Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 recap

2011.... Man, what a year. So much good and bad! So much change and self discovery. This year will stand out I think. I didn't travel as much as 2010, which was a good thing. I was home much more, got to spend a lot of time with my kids. Some highlights:

• Our 2 year old broke her leg. It was tough, but she adapted and was hobbling around on her pink cast. Jennifer and I felt like crying (and probably did) everyday. It was a pretty dark part of the year for us.

• I started teaching college art (part time- one class per semester). It has been one of the most humbling "projects" I've worked on. I can't believe the amount of work it added to my schedule. I like it, though it kills me to have to give bad grades. Sometimes the most talented kids have the worst work ethic. I decided to keep teaching one class per semester.

• My kids continue to grow up. It kills me.

• I feel like I developed further as an artist, mainly I'm getting a handle on screenprinting with it's strengths and limitations. I'm still trying to push it, learn more, and make not only posters for bands but pieces of art.

• With art making, I'm continuing to find myself. I tried changing things up with oils, it was tough and it's a medium I need to revisit. I'm back in that same place I arrive each year, where I don't know what the fuck I'm doing with my art. But that's good. That's when the random accidents happen and it sparks a whole series.

• My daughter became a 1st grader!! What?!?!

• In September I went to France for the first time. Can't wait to go back, had a great time! I don't know why, but it peaked my interest in graffiti and vandalism just a little.

• I think Jennifer came into her own as a cook. Maybe this is not newsworthy, but I enjoyed chili, various soups, dishes and good, healthy homecooked food to eat throughout the year.

• I moved to a new studio, which has been a HUGE change for me.It was a good change, it's kept me very productive being around all these guys.

• In November our grandma passed away. It was a sad time for the family and we're still dealing. It brought us a little closer together I think. RIP Grandma Marian!

• My grandma passing coincided with a lot of love from my fans as I sold over 700 prints in November. It was an emotional time, such a mix of feelings. It was a real ordeal getting that many prints out in a three week span.I have the best fans on the planet.

• Much more in the works for 2012..... here's some pics from the year past. I am too lazy to put them in order...

See ya in 2012!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snow Owl print

I have a new print coming out next week...

Snow Owl 
Timed release- November 16th
The perfect gift for the Soto fan or art lover in your life. This is a 12" x 15" UV print on sustainable FSC certified 1/2" plywood. Comes ready to hang, signed and numbered on front. Includes signed and numbered Certificate of Authentication and mystery mini-print!

This is a timed edition and will be available for one day only! The print will be available starting November 16 at noon PST and will be available for 24 hours. If you order one during this time, you are guaranteed to receive one. Holiday shipping is guaranteed.
$55 + shipping

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

France part un

I went to France in September for two group shows I was involved in. Here's some pictures.

I love flying and I always like the window seat. I have been on many flights at this point in my life and I still get excited. That is Lake Geneva with the Alps in the background.


Here is some of the crew in Lyon.


I was struck by all the monuments celebrating the French Revolution. There's beautiful things all over in Lyon.

The morning of my first whole day I did a lot of exploring. They have real rivers (I'm from Southern CA- we have trickling streams of polluted water for the most part). I happened upon a motorcycle rally (???) in the main square of Lyon.

I needed soap. Le Chat! The cat became a reoccuring theme for some of the art I made in France.

Setting up for the show...

Caia Koopman was amongst the artists in the show...

Robert Crumb...

Flo at the local graff supply place. I highly recommend his shop, they treated me like royalty! He had a better selection the second time I went, I think the Lyon writers are pretty active...

My hotel was right next door to George's, a very famous and old restaurant.

This cheese is illegal in the states...

I started on my own Le Chat one morning...

Kevin brought me some desserts from town and told me the story of the these little egg pastries. I cannot for the life of me remember what they are called...

Kevin made me a homecooked meal. Scallops! Sooo good.... this is the raw ones, my photos didn't turn out of the cooked meal!

The next day was the opening at Rhone Alps Region in Lyon. Here's some photos. I met with press, made some new friends and ate some weird and tasty foods.

This is one of the artists and a new friend of mine, Odo.

Ioo Taur (The Centaur) showing his fishing skillz...

Nico Thomas...

Part 2 coming soon...