Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 recap

2011.... Man, what a year. So much good and bad! So much change and self discovery. This year will stand out I think. I didn't travel as much as 2010, which was a good thing. I was home much more, got to spend a lot of time with my kids. Some highlights:

• Our 2 year old broke her leg. It was tough, but she adapted and was hobbling around on her pink cast. Jennifer and I felt like crying (and probably did) everyday. It was a pretty dark part of the year for us.

• I started teaching college art (part time- one class per semester). It has been one of the most humbling "projects" I've worked on. I can't believe the amount of work it added to my schedule. I like it, though it kills me to have to give bad grades. Sometimes the most talented kids have the worst work ethic. I decided to keep teaching one class per semester.

• My kids continue to grow up. It kills me.

• I feel like I developed further as an artist, mainly I'm getting a handle on screenprinting with it's strengths and limitations. I'm still trying to push it, learn more, and make not only posters for bands but pieces of art.

• With art making, I'm continuing to find myself. I tried changing things up with oils, it was tough and it's a medium I need to revisit. I'm back in that same place I arrive each year, where I don't know what the fuck I'm doing with my art. But that's good. That's when the random accidents happen and it sparks a whole series.

• My daughter became a 1st grader!! What?!?!

• In September I went to France for the first time. Can't wait to go back, had a great time! I don't know why, but it peaked my interest in graffiti and vandalism just a little.

• I think Jennifer came into her own as a cook. Maybe this is not newsworthy, but I enjoyed chili, various soups, dishes and good, healthy homecooked food to eat throughout the year.

• I moved to a new studio, which has been a HUGE change for me.It was a good change, it's kept me very productive being around all these guys.

• In November our grandma passed away. It was a sad time for the family and we're still dealing. It brought us a little closer together I think. RIP Grandma Marian!

• My grandma passing coincided with a lot of love from my fans as I sold over 700 prints in November. It was an emotional time, such a mix of feelings. It was a real ordeal getting that many prints out in a three week span.I have the best fans on the planet.

• Much more in the works for 2012..... here's some pics from the year past. I am too lazy to put them in order...

See ya in 2012!