Monday, October 18, 2010

Miami part 2

I'm working on planning for a Miami mural in December and I realized I never finished posting the happenings and photos from Miami 2009. It was a long time ago, but it was fun. So here they are...

This is the place to go if you want to see burners. Ewok killed it. Dabs and Myla finished from the day before. There was so much good graf out there, I had over 100 pictures. makes me want to try letters again.

Met up with artist/sculptor/photographer Adam Wallacavage. Went looking for more art, stopped by my work at Scope to hang out with the staff of Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Marathon run through Art Basel, thanks Arrested Motion for getting us in!

Found Tara McPherson, Buffmonster, and Chaz (London Police) at a party. I was the designated driver for the night. Randomly found Ewok putting some late night finishing touches on his burner.

The last day I dropped my pal Jon off at the airport. Then hung out with Adam all day looking at art on walls and in fairs. It was a little mind numbing. Cool shit by Sever, Revok, Retna, Parskid, Kinsey, Twist, Tyke, Ron English, Logan Hicks… the list goes on, my head was spinning that night when I tried to sleep! The last thing we saw was the Okay Mountain installation at Pulse. Man, this thing was sweet! Thanks to Michael Sieben for getting us in to check it out.

Flew home. And happy to be on my way!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Deek revealed!

Thanks to all my Comicon friends and the Kidrobot staff this past weekend! I had a lot of fun in NYC! Here is The Deek, NYC was the first time I saw it in person, and I'm super happy with it. I'm easing back into making art toys and having fun. More is on the way...

By popular demand KR held some for my fans not able to make it to NYC. They will be up soon at Kidrobot Black.

Friday, October 08, 2010

The Deek in NY!

The Deek is a toy I designed for the KR Black line. It's a monster that slides around unseen in the dark of the night, looking to frighten children. He also works as a night lumberjack, chopping wood in deep dark forests. It was inspired by a character my dad would talk about when my brothers and I were little... "I hear The Deek coming!" And we'd run and hide under the blankets!

This toy is being released tomorrow at the New York Comic Con at the KR booth. It's 6.5" tall, has an edition of 150 and will be for sale for $100. I'll be at the KR booth (2674 ) from 1-3pm, come by and get your Deek signed! That sounded kinda wrong....

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Summer graffiti

A few months ago I got together with my friends Greg Simkins, Deph and Maxx242 to paint a large wall in the hot I.E. Summer. For me, it was the second spraypaint piece I've worked on in a decade, and it felt a little foreign at first. It's crazy how many colors are available now. I finally felt like I could translate my own paintings into wall pieces with all the colors we have access to. Those three guys rocked it, and I felt honored to be painting with them (I did the skull). Seeing this makes me want to do more!! (click on images to see them BIGGER)

Craola AKA Greg Simkins...

Deph One...


My skull. I used a scissor lift for the first time- it's pretty tall!