Saturday, September 25, 2010

Slowin' down

The past few months (and really the last two years) I've been going nonstop. There was either a convention to prepare for, projects due, poster orders needing filled or a show to plan out and paint. It's been nonstop work, and I love it and know I'm lucky, but it takes it's toll too. Time to slow things down a bit. I don't have a show planned for the first time in eight years but it feels right.

To anyone I have been flaky with the past month, I apologize and there is a reason. I was pretty jacked up with a bad cold that I couldn't shake. It got bad enough that my wife made me go see the doctor. I was diagnosed with Intermittent Asthma! It is brought on by catching a cold or a flu or too much dust and causes breathing problems by constricting the tiny airways in your lungs. It's the best kind of asthma you can have, but the doctor warned me- you can still die from it if you don't treat it. It's hereditary, but could also be from living in Riverside for so long (L.A.'s smog settles here). I always thought I was just prone to getting longterm cough because I don't get enough sleep. I thought I was just unhealthy. Nope, it was asthma. When I finally went in I was breathing at 50% of my lung capacity. No wonder I felt like shit. For weeks I had just felt like sleeping but I had too much work to do.

So I'm controlling it now and feeling much better. I think I've had this since college over ten years ago, so it feels good to know what I have and do what I need to do to take care of myself. So once again, to those who I flaked on, never emailed back, or didn't return your call, I am sorry! I'm still catching up.

I'm going to post in here more often- I have posts I started for things like Miami Art Basel Part 2 from 9 months ago. For now here is a look into Summer 2010. It went real fast.

Summer started off with a mad rush to finish paintings.

My girls are getting older. It warms my heart to see them play together and love each other.

My dad and I built a huge (and heavy) crate to ship work to NYC.

I went to NYC.

Apparently it was Gay Pride Week.

Back in the I.E. painted a wall with some friends.

Went to the Illustration Conference in Pasadena. Langham Hotel was pretty sweet.

Went to the Comicon in San Diego.

Ralph and Beth had a baby girl!

Santa Barbara Zoo was fun.

Summertime cannon climbing in Templeton, CA at the Soto family reunion.

Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens was beautiful.

Doll museum was pretty fresh..

Sleepy kidlets on vacation.

After all the traveling I sent out about a billion prints (felt like it).

I went to Vegas with The Wild Ones but I was sick and slept more than I'd have liked.

Can't believe how fast the Summer months skipped by. What really trips me out is we have a Kindergartner now! What??